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Dragon : Marked for Death

No special Christmas this year, but instead a fanart of the next upcoming title of Inti Creates, which is illustred by Tory Nakayama, the design and artist of the Megaman Zero series, who is a big inspiration for me ^^
Enjoy and Merry Christmas!
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Dang, absolutely amazing!

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i have seen gameplay  for the game and it was so cool !
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This game looks like it's gonna be awesome. I'm probably gonna play as the Shinobi most.
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It is always a pleasure to see you keep drawing my favorite stuff (Rockman, Gunvolt, and now DMFD!)
You are one of my favorite artists. Good work!
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Thank you very much :D
Could you pls draw the other characters? I just saw the game trailer, and it's awesome!!
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It's beautifull!
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That's absolutely breathe taking 
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This character  is totally Awesome !!!!!!! 
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Dude, that looks like the Hydra thing you face in MMZ1.
I dig.
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Oh punaise O_O C'est trop cool. Je suis impressionnée par cet entremêlement de dragons *.*
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Wow, c'est très impressionnant. :)
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I like this. It's different from your usual stuff.
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Gorgeous man! The moment I found out this game was developed by the people of Mega Man Zero, it instantly gained my approval.

Happy Christmas!!
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hope shes human. and looks like Lara Croft Tomb Raider too. except with superpowers and machine parts.
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Wow, really good job Tomycase ! Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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