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Commission : Legendary Fakemons

Commission set for :iconxrb-rick:
All concepts ideas are from xrb-rick

From top left to bottom right:
Asteon: Fighting / Psychic
Raidron: Electric / Dragon
Lilliquon: Grass / Fairy
Platigron: Steel / Ice
Goltiton: Ground / Rock
Noirchlon: Water / Dark
Laztequon: Flying / Poison
Phoellion: Fire / Ghost

Enjoy ~
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bigbulbasaur's avatar
This just reminds me of Xam'd.
I don't really like having "Eon" at the end of a Pokémon's name unless it evolves from Eevee. Then again, that wasn't exactly your idea so I'm complaining to the wrong person.
Asteon looks like Deoxys, Arceus, and a little bit of Mewtwo combined.
Yo Raidron looks like a mix between elemental Hero neos and Charizard!
addddd12345's avatar
It's interesting to see the difference between your and Dragonith's versions
stardustjnb's avatar
i love Platigron & Laztequon & Phoellion thay look awesome! <3
QrowFinis's avatar
Phoellion and Asteon!!! TwT
Holonboy's avatar
Lower-left (Goltiton, I think) reminds me of Baymax, lol... Cute though. :3
jorgeiam00's avatar
OMG, you make better designs, nintendo should hire you.
Akakoii's avatar
Gamefreak -__- Not Nintendo.
jorgeiam00's avatar
True i forgot it, i was to exicite about the draw :D
These should be added into a Pokemon game. They're awesome.
elitenightmare's avatar
is it just me or does this looks almost like monsters from yugioh series?
i still love the style 
elitenightmare's avatar
no prob
have u thinking of doing this style with: lugia, meloetta, the three legendary birds, ho-ho and the rest of the legendary pokemon for that would be awesome?
Anthro-animals-rule's avatar
My favorites are Asteon, Raidron, Platigron, Lazteqion, and Phoellion. The rest are cool too. :D
NoNeedForNames's avatar
For some reason this reminds me of the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series. Especially Asteon
pokemonuser6606's avatar
NoSignalBlueScreen's avatar
AleDuckinJandro's avatar
Asteon would be the best Pokemon ever... i see it being more popular that Bidoof or Espurr...

Also, some of these guys remind me of almost Digimon... but other than that they're AMAZING!
Tomycase's avatar
Designs ideas not from me, I just adapted them, read description plz
Skyler24's avatar
these pokemons are better looking then the VI gen pokemons, for real good job
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