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Bass EXE

By Tomycase
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Imagine if they revamping him using the Katana-Saber and offensive attacks and abilities like Vergil from DMC5 Special Edition. That would be really cool af!

“Foolishness X, foolishness. Might controls everything! And without strength, you can not protect anything. Let alone yourself!”

“Heal your wounds Zero, get strong. After that, we’ll settle the matter.”

“Thank you Axl.”

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Nice pose. He looks really cool

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Always thought Bass Exe had the best redesign out of all the EXE characters.

Amazing what a simple cloak will do

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No trouble? All about that bass ^^

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"No capes... Except you. You're fine."

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Yeah...that's nice!!

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“Pathetic weakling! Return to the 0's and 1's you're made of!”
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My favorite Net Navi! <3

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Bass.EXE's design was one of the coolest from the Battle Network series, and I'd argue a definite improvement over the classic design -- the redesigned crest on the back of his helmet creates a much more jagged profile, with similar forms created by the outline of his tattered cloak and the armor on his arms and legs, all of which makes him look that much more dangerous at a glance.

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Fantastic fanart and I faved it so fast, I think I cracked the button for it. <3 I haven't seen fanart of that chara for ages. :D Still one of my big favorites~. (Alas, my ava gives THAT secret away. d: )

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but seriously this is a cool picture. nice work. :)

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