The Students Have Spoken

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"The Students Have Spoken"
     lyrics by Tom Wilcox

When our schools are war zones,
And no solution is found,
And blood covers our children;
Do you not make a sound?

Will you sit on your hands,
While our young children shout?
Blood splatters their hallways,
Call the NRA out!

"It's not the right time",
Our congressmen say,
But the children keep dying,
Day after day.

Assault rifles,
Are the weapons of choice,
And the children keep dying,
And the children have no voice.

But a new wind is blowing;
The students have spoken.
The times are a-changing,
The tiger's been woken.

"There's a tme to weep,
And a time to laugh.
A time to be silent,
And a time to speak."
    (Ecclesiastes  3)

So now is your day children;
Speak out loud and clear.
You can bring about change;
Your voice they will hear.

Copyright Tom Wilcox 2018
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thank you for this. I wept that day and I wept when I read this. May God have mercy on this country.