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October 28, 2005
When browsing Fractal Art in our Prints Shop, you will come across a series of uniquely eye-catching hearts by our resident fractal scientist and mad professor `TomWilcox. Each of them has its very own appeal due to their complexity, shapes, immense color vibrancy and not to forget the warm fuzzy feeling they give, which makes it really hard to decide which one to pick. But Tom wouldn't be Tom if he didn't think of that. That's why he made The Heart Series, a composition of all 12 individual hearts in one astonnishing poster.

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The Heart Series

And finally, "The Heart Series" poster. A collection of all 12 of my individule hearts submitted. Each heart seperately and this poster is available as a print. The image submitted for the printing of this poster is 4,500 X 6,750 pixels!

Thanks to all that have viewed and commented on these images. Also to Mark Townsend for his genius.


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© 2005 - 2021 TomWilcox
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Thanks, I appreciate that.
HippyRocker21's avatar
great series! i have to tell you my boyfriends name is also tom wilcox i find that so ironic and awesome at the same time lol
TomWilcox's avatar
Thanks. :-)

Oh you poor thing! I hope he has more hair than I! :-)
HippyRocker21's avatar
hahaha he's the best though and i doubt it he usually shaves his head after it gets so long lol
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They are all beautiful! If I had to pick a favorite, It would be the yellow and black one in the third column.
Nobody-said-so's avatar
By themselves each of the hearts are stunning, but this amalgamation is nothing short of breathtaking! Wow!
TomWilcox's avatar
Thanks very much. :-)
My-Inner-Demon-676's avatar
wow:wow: this is really stunning awesome job :D
TomWilcox's avatar
metalmonkey77's avatar
Beautiful work !! I love your gallery !
TomWilcox's avatar
Thank you very much. :-)
BEAUTIFUL! :love: You deserved every bit of that Deviousness award~

What programs/plugins do you use? :hug:

I want to buuuuyyy it. (HAS NO MONEY OTL :cry:)
TomWilcox's avatar
Thank you. All hearts created with Apophysis. :-)
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