The Frozen Pond

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It was late, the bar was closing;
We shared philosophies of life.
There was just something about her;
She cut thru me like a knife.

I spoke about the one thing,
I had hidden all these years.
I was just a child then;
(My eyes filled up with tears).

My friend told me about a place;
We walked there just to see.
It was a frozen pond in springtime;
A place we shouldn't be.

She listened to my story,
And put her hand on mine.
I stumbled with my words;
They got caught up in the wine.

The ice broke all around him,
The picture never goes away.
I had his hand and tried to save him,
But I saw there was no way.

The ice broke closer to me;
I tried for quite awhile.
In the end I couldn't save him;
Now I'm left without a smile.

She put her arm around me;
She knew just what to say.
"It's time you saved yourself,
If you want to find your way".

"There are things we'll never understand,
The world's made that way".
She looked into my eyes;
She knew just what to say.

"Some people get a second chance"
She whispered with a smile
"We need to make the best of things,
And go that extra mile".

"Guilt is so relentlessf,
It can destroy our very soul,
We need to overcome it,
So it doesn't take it's toll.

Her arm was still around me;
She kissed me on the cheek.
I think about her often,
In the times I'm feeling weak.
A true story.
© 2018 - 2024 TomWilcox
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