Smoke and Mirrors

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Smoke and Mirrors
       By Tom Wilcox

Like smoke and mirrors,
She disappears;
Never knowing time or place.
When times get tough,
She's had enough;
Too much for her to face.

Hard to know,
When she will go;
Like a white cloud in the sky.
Does she see,
What it does to me;
Never even says goodbye.

Without a tear,
She'll reappear;
Knowing that I'll take her back.
I just don't know,
How she can go,
On jumping from the track.

Like smoke and mirrors,
She disappears;
What more can I say.
It saddens me,
Every time I see,
Her up and walk away.

Doesn't she know,
I love her so;
She brings me so much pain.
Can't she see,
What she does to me;
She's driving me insane.

Like smoke and mirrors,
She disappears,
But now we're finally through.
Goodbye my friend,
I can't depend,
I can't depend on you.
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Wow, what a great poem but sad at the same time.  You engender the reader with the ability to feel as you do, which in my opinion is one of the best reasons to write.