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Moth to the Flame

Self destructive;
I've no one to blame.
I'm drawn to her beauty,
Like a moth to the flame.
-- Tom Wilcox 2007

Created in Apophysis; no post work except for a horizontal mirror to improve the existing symmetry very slightly.

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© 2007 - 2021 TomWilcox
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The center of the moth where the abdomen is looks like an eye...
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you're welcome
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beautifull, i like it!!!
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Thank you very much.
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This so reminds me of the art from a Journey album--'Escape' I think it was--only that was a beetle I think and this is much better :thumbsup:
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Cool! Thanks for that. :-)
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You have so many beautiful designs I easily could fav them all. I love the color in this one, the title, the concept, the poem.
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Thanks very much for telling me that. :-)
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Amazing :wow: Your art is very unique, nothing like it on DA.

Very impressive :iconimpressedplz:
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I rarely say this, but I've never seen anything like it!
I really love it! Instant :+fav:
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Great! Thank you! "-)
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This piece is amazing with the blending of such rich colors!
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The colour scheme here is just superb! I adore the amalgamation of smooth, natural curves and the sharper, bright textures. Everything combines to create an enchanting piece, that flame at the centre of it all...:heart:
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