A Drunk On the Highway

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A Drunk on the Highway
         by Tom Wilcox 2017

I've been a ticking time bomb;
afflicted, addicted.
Lost in a way,
I'd never have predicted.

A drunk on the highway;
sometimes forgetting.
And after it's over,
Never admitting.

A drunk on the highway;
A killer consumed;
White crosses of death,
Where flowers once bloomed.

I now am a free man,
And I've closed the door.
The man in the mirror,
Ain't the same as before.

Now I've closed the door,
And locked it up tight;
There's no going back,
In the middle of the night.

A drunk on the highway,
With demons to fight;
Never again,
'Cause I've seen the light.

Now I am clean,
and so is my sole;
by the grace of God,
I've climbed out of the hole.

By the grace of God,
Through Jehovah's power,
I've been given the strength,
At the eleventh hour.
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