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Steel That's Live
To the tune of Still Alive by Jonathon Coulton (and popularized by Portal)
This song is dedicated to the Kumoricon Yojimbo.

Convention triumph.
I'm declaring this year:
It's hard to stifle my
Smug satisfaction.
Kumori Yojimbo
We go without sleep
Because we can.
For the good of all of us.
And for the Haoris red.
But there's no sense crying
Over every Man Faye.
You just keep on trying
To find weapons not fake.
And peacebonding gets done.
And you clear a prop gun.
But not people that have
Steel that's live.

I'm really not angry.
I'm just being kind of loud right now.
Even though you glomped off
Half her costume.
And you have been drinking
And I see you have a minors badge
And I take your badge because
we have black listed you!
Now the girls from Maid Squad
Make a beautiful line.
And we're out of Pre-Reg
We're opening on time
We're hyper and care-free.
Think of all the friends we'll see
Except people who have
Steel that's live

In hotel room leave it
Kumoricon won't let it inside
Maybe at some other cons
They let you.
Maybe Sakura...
Anyway this con is great
It's independent and moist
Look at me still talking when there's staffing to do
I have zip-ties to spare
None of them are for you
I have panels to attend
And there's three days left to spend
Not on people who have
Steel that's live.

And believe me I know steel that's live
Our whole con is without steel that's live
Our con's fantastic without steel that's live
There is less dying without steel that's live
You're still banned if you have steel that's live
Steel that's live
Steel that's live
I came up with the idea for this song back in March of 2009, I think. It was barely touched at first and sort of left in a half finished heap on my hard drive.

Recently I was digging around for files and I noticed it again. since my muse has been rather active this week and Kumoricon is coming up soon I decided that I needed to finish it off and present it to the folks who inspired it.

This song is dedicated to all the Kumoricon folks who have served as yojimbo over the years. This was inspired by all of the flak you have to put up with from troublemakers at the convention. Even those who don't try and bring in real fencing sabers and katanas.

For those of you not local, the Yojimbo are the convention's security force. Red Haoris were originally the mark of the managers among the yojimbo but budget has allowed more to be given out among their forces to make them easily recognizable in a crowd.
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