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This is the story as to how the Lycan's of the Pobre Pucho series came to be
Hope you like it, It took me a lot thought and investigation to make accurete yet surprising
the idea is that this story can actualy fit in the actual Nordic God stories with actual facts
about what happened between the Gods and their end.
So please read it and tell me what you think
MIND YOU its VERY long, so make sure you have time to read it.

A long time ago, in times ancient to us now, the fates were twisting to create the most evil deed ever assembled in time, forgotten by those free of its pain.

Before the times of history, the Nordic Gods existed in constant pain, due to the fowl efforts of the Ice giants to bring the world to complete and utter Tyranny.

Those who fought the battle where the elder gods of Asgard, noble and proud to forever keeping the world from falling to oblivion.
The most important of these gods was Odin, Thor,  Baldr and Tyr.

But the one to twist the fates of destiny was known as the god of evil, the one so called Loki who thought to bring the world to his idea of perfection, a world of free chaos.

All these gods knew that their pain of this constant confrontation would only come to an end the day the age of the great god's ended, the day known as Ragnarok.
With this notion in mind, the great gods had to fight all kinds of evil brought upon them by Loki. Despite their greatest efforts, Loki was unstoppable and less was their hope of omitting their end was when the oracle foretold that the day of Ragnarok would come to pass the day the god Baldr died.

With this Loki tried his best to destroy the famous Baldr with the most evil magic he then possessed with the plan of bringing Ragnarok  and rule the next age of Gods, but no dark magic of his was enough to defeat the god of gods known as Odin who stopped his efforts of succeeding.
Until one day Loki was finally defeated in a direct confrontation with Odin and was bounded to three boulder, condemned to wait forever the day of Ragnarok.
In this he did something that none of the gods thought possible by the god of evil, his last will before eternity bounded to a rock was to have one last word with his most powerful of sons, known as Fenris .
Fenris was known to be the strongest entity in the existence of the world in physical strength. He was a 15 feet tall wolf who could shape shift at will.

When Fenris came to farewell his father forever, Loki did something none of the gods expected to happen, Loki gave his immortality to Fenris and the enough power to defeat any god in his way! And with that Fenris took the opportunity to free his Father from his bounds. But if one thing Fenris didn't have, that was wisdom. Loki had expected to die as soon as he gave his powers away in that moment by a poison the gods had given him that prevented him from escaping his bounds. But Fenris managed to keep him alive but only mostly and despite Fenris best efforts, he just couldn't cure his father from the poison, since Loki's now relinquished Immortality was the only thing that had kept him alive from the poison before. Despite his best efforts of his dying father pleads to let him die Fenris pride couldn't allow his father to die if there was any hope to save him. In this, the elder gods offered a challenge to Fenris. If he could free himself from three great bounds that the gods would try on him and he succeeded, they would give him the cure to his father's poison, and if he failed they would let him go and he would have to kill his father personally. In this he accepted and in this he was given the chains that would bind the strongest of gods and Giants. He broke them as easily as he would break rotten wood. The god's didn't know what  to do, and in their desperation they bound him with the chains that would even bind the great Thor for eternity. These also failed without exception. With this the gods didn't know what to do, but amidst their fear came a little dwarf with a magical silk ribbon which was said that the more the bounded struggled, the stronger it became, and only those smart enough would only have to figure out how to untie it by hand and not by mere force.

The next day Fenris came to the elder gods and he was shown the magical ribbon, and despite Fenris lack of wisdom, he knew this had to be a trick destined to prevail, and refusing to accept would only have proven him a coward, so in this he knew that if he succeeded the gods would see him rot forever before letting him loose as they promised they would if he failed. He knew then if he failed the gods challenge they would have him prisoner and his father would die eventually without the cure. So he did something unexpected, he said he would try on the ribbon if he had the hand of one of the gods in his mouth, so in case they didn't let him loose, he would eat the hand. Only one of the elder gods was brave enough to comply, the god of justice known as Tyr. And as it was planned, the ribbon worked and in anger Fenris ate Tyr's hand.
With Fenris in custody and Loki in the breach of death, the evil giants and followers of Loki knew that if they didn't act then they would perish, so in one last attempt they managed to murder Baldr with his only weakness, Mistletoe, bringing forward the final battle of Ragnarok.
The battle lasted many days bringing forward the end of the age of the gods and Giants.

Among the wreckage of existence, only three remained, Tyr, Fenris, who was doomed to remain bonded for eternity, since his anger and frustration had made him struggle with the bonds beyond the point of ever being possible to untie forever and the dying Loki.
With this Tyr knew that he had managed to destroy evil and make way for the world of humans, free of the damnation of the evil of Loki.
With this, Tyr went to take the final blow at the dying body of Loki, who he found hidden in a underground cave facing his final moments of life.
But to Tyr's surprise he was not angry at his defeat, he was... laughing. In extreme anger Tyr demanded an explanation. In this Loki explained his master plan he had created from the very beginning, wasting with this his last moments of life.

Loki knew from the very begging he couldn't  win the battle against the gods and that the only way he would of prevailed was to corrupt the new age after Ragnarok, and so, with the most twisted dark magic of the arcane arts, he confounded a spell, that if ever someone sacrificed himself to Fenris in the ways of the flesh, all of his powers would pass on to the sacrificed and he would be slowly corrupted into a vassal of Fenris, with the only purpose of  spreading this curse to others in your path . That's why I told Fenris to do that stupid idea of the hand before accepting your stupid challenge knowing you elder gods would do anything to make him useless. And with these powers I knew that whoever accepted the sacrifice would be able to survive Ragnarok and later against his will, become Fenris vassal for as long as Fenris lives, and pass on this curse to every animal he touches and those to others.

Everything the gods had done was in vain; Tyr would soon become the monster he had sought to destroy for untold Millennia.
And so against his every will, Tyr spread the curse to every animal he saw, and those animals he cursed would also curse others too, every creature to roam the new world to become monsters against their will.

With full awareness of the monster Tyr had become,  Tyr renounced his immortality in his own shame and in one last struggle against his new found beast nature he lounged himself to a cliff into the deeps of the ocean.

What he didn't know was that fate… had given him a second chance.

In the bottom of that cliff lived a group of sea poisonous orchids on which he landed. Miraculously Tyr survived, but not only that, the poison in those orchids had consumed some of the poison in his blood that was Loki's curse. And with this his free will was returned to him. And so, he sought to finish what he had started, finish Loki's evil in the world. With this, he sought for many years around the world, and eventually found Fenris hideout, only to catch the useless bonded monster and lock him up in a cave to starve for eternity, unable to die because of his immortality.
And with this, Tyr knew that he had to kill all those he had transformed and those transformed thereafter to finish with Loki's madness once in for all. But Tyr, as the former god of Justice, knew it wasn't fair to slay those who had no choice but to become monsters. And so with his new discovery of the curse's weakness known as orchid venom, he sought justice by giving his former victims what was only fair to them, a second chance and a free will.

And in the steps of the fallen god of justice, the Lycan community was born.
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MaxSilverfox Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011
nice story, also im a fan of mitology and i studied mitology of diferent cultures and your nordric story was interesting, but also fenrir had sons, a small vertion of him but big as a horse...

if you want talk more about mitology just answer this comment
Tomthebaker Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Awesome! The story took me a lots of reading XD
And im planing on putting this in Pobre Pucho
But now that you mention that Fenrir had sons (fact I didnt know)
ideas come to mind 0.0
MaxSilverfox Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011
fenrir sons are arround of horse zize think on a wolf of that zize, it would be a great pet if they were able of being tamed...

also you dont want hear from other mitology critters?

las sirenas no son solo mitad pez tambien las hay cuerpo de ave y cabeza humana, no son arpias porke el cuerpo es 100% ave y la cabeza 100% humana

cerberus tambien tiene vastagos...

en el Raknarok fenrir rompe sus cadenas y mata a odin segun siertos especialistas...
Tomthebaker Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011  Student Digital Artist
hay un solo error en tu explicacion, Fenrir no fue atrapado con una cadena sino con un liston de seda magico
cambie algo la historia, sin fenris y sus cautiverio, Tyr no podria haberlo derotado cuando se le fue el control mental XD
Cerburus... era un perro que protegia algo?
MaxSilverfox Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011
cerberus es el perro tricefalo que cuida la entrada al tartaro, un perro gigante de tres cabezas en la entrada al infierno, y en la mitologuia real ferrir fue encadenado pero kien lo encadeno perdio el brazo en el proseso
Tomthebaker Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011  Student Digital Artist
A si ahora me acuerdo! parece que perdio una cabeza en un punto

y si ese que perdio la mano es el Dios de la justicia Tyr, quien en mi historia fue la clave para el nacimiento de los Lycans en mi serie comic XD
MaxSilverfox Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011
okay tu comix... ahora con mas mitologia!
Tomthebaker Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011  Student Digital Artist
me harias un favor si pudieses recopilar mas datos como estos, ya que necesito encontrar seres que sean guardianes del secreto de la existencia Lycan
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