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The Well of Eternity

'Have i ever told you what i found when i venture below the ocean?
A pit that glows bright with energy that i can sense even from far away. Why is it there? What's it's purpose? I've been sitting down on the shore thinking about how i should approach it. The ocean is a wide open space filled with mystery, i don't remember how deep it could get but i believe there are more alien life we still don't know. In my case... anomalies. This well seems to have existed for a long time with no one discovering it... or someone DID discovered it but haven't returned after they dive too close to the well. Is it dangerous? Is it misunderstood? Is it benevolent?
These are the qualities we gave to the unknown that we find. We try to make sense of the unknown hoping to achieve a certain resolution. Curiosity often kills, but some think it's worth it as long as they get results. We sacrifices things as long as we receive a peace of mind. In the end, isn't that how it works? Well... i'm going to find out about it today.'
Hey everyone!
Thank you very much for enjoying the flavor text above and the painting as well, it means a lot!
I've been trying to experimenting again by doing something i rarely do and step out of my usual comfort zone. This time a scene that i only do like twice in the past. An underwater scene. This time Dr.Rabbit delving deep into the unknown. What does the well actually do? I let you figure it out for yourself. Anyways i'm still focusing on finishing my papers and stuff like that, i paint stuff to get my mind off it. It is a stressful week recently for me trying to get everything finished. But i think the vacation is worth it haha, right?
Well anyways thank you very much for reading this all, i hope you have a nice day!
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Love the image! And love the description to go with it.

Would it be possible to post this on youtube with some epic orchestral music backing it?

I will include this link and the link to your artist profile as well as send you the song before posting. :)

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I think someone did that already.
I do not mind it as long as my painting get credited appropriately and is atleast visible (not hidden down below the description)
I also don't approve that it's used in a monetized video
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Hey no problem! I’m just starting out but my channel eventually will become monetized, so I’ll continue my search for accompanying art. Thank you for the speedy response though and congrats on your amazing masterpiece! I’ll keep an eye out for your work! 👏🏻
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gives me the very similar feeling of mystery and yearning the Abyss has, a almost scary charm :)
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That feeliing is what i'm going for, thanks! :)
Hello! I've made an animation with your picture.
Link here:
Thanks for your permission!
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I wonder how your dreams are, they have to be marvelousHeart Heart 
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My dreams are a bit weird at times.. maybe that's an understatement.
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This weird scene is wonderful!  :toocool:  Congratulations by great work!  :winner:
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  You deserve the praise!  :pat:
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Me like this one a lot :clap: !!!

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Great use of color in this one!  I especially love how you did the water's surface.
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Thank you very much! :D yeah i experimented with the surface too
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Just, pure, awesomeness! I love it! :love:
A deviation totally :+fav:'d! :thumbsup::D
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Woa... Fantastic Job!!! 
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Beautiful 😍
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... "The last month I walked along the beachhead, my feet bare, trenchcoat flung on my shoulder, and walking along the shoreline, I remember seeing a strange benevolence deep in the ocean water. How could I tell? By seeing how tiny it was. Now, having found my way back to this place - I've always like the sound of water and rain - with a pair binoculars I scavenged in this lonely world, I prepare to look out across the ocean. I still think there could be someone out there. It has been, what I feel like, eternities since I've come across any evidence of civilization. While I don't mind the solitude, I've had times I've wished I could share experiences with another ... wait ... what's that a distance away near that benevolence? ... no, it couldn't be. There's no way!"

Hello Tom! I hope you don't mind, but after viewing your recent artwork, this came into my mind and I wanted to share it. I'm still feeling a little doubtful, but I hope you don't mind too much with my "follow-up" attempt with your art.
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Whoa that's a really good piece! Nice job :)
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