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The Lonely Beacon

'Fog sets in, painting my surroundings with grey-ish atmosphere. The overcast weather did not help with creating this isolated atmosphere. It did not stop me to continue onto my journey throughout this cruel winter weather, carrying my crimson umbrella that shines throughout the sea of white. In the distance i saw a tall tower illuminating warmth. It is said that when the sun vanished, the beacon that are built around the world will illuminate and shine it with warmth... and i have the feeling that this is the last beacon there is. It's still looking for it's purpose. It may not be it's time to shine nor it will be strong enough when that time comes... well... i do need a bit of warmth to keep me strong for my journey. Thank you.'
Hello there!
Thank you very much for reading it all through, i hope you enjoy this particular piece! I want to make a painting that felt genuinely cold but throughout the frozen landscape, is a warm beacon of hope that encourages to keep going through hard times. That beacon could be your family or your friends, maybe even loved ones. All i can say is that you're not alone. Anyways, i hope it captures the mood well!
Thank you again, have a nice day!
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Looking at this, resembling a rocket blasting off.
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Holy, exquisitely enchanting! This Wondrous Lonely Beacon is stunning and Dr. Rabbit looks incredible. The designs, pose, lone flame, tower, pillar, pendulum, symbols, mountains, ledges, cliffs, crevices, cavern, valley landscape, cherry blossom trees, cherry blossom petals, branches, stems, roots, plant life, frozen lake, ice, snowfall, expression, umbrella, coat, pants, ears, tail, cuteness, fog, wind, pathway, terrain, sky, clouds, boulders, movement, effects, flow, perspective, realisticness, atmosphere, textures, hues, concept, composition, uniqueness, style, lighting, colors, and other details are also sensational. Amazingly Beautiful work! :iconfantasticplz:
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Great concept and nice illustration.
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Whoa! :O_o: What a coincidence that the weather here in Finland right after Christmas day of 2018 got all misty
and foggy while we still had most of the snow, making the landscape look nearly identical to this painting. ;P
(Well, minus the beacon of light, obviously. :greetings:)

Very interesting bit of lore from the "empty" realm Dr. Rabbit keeps exploring on his long journey. :nod:
Things are tough in winter, yes, but there is always hope, even when just a candle is lit. F2U || Candle Bullet  
Splendid work, Tommy! :clap: This deviation is totally :+fav:'d! :thumbsup::D
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Thank you very much for the kind words! :)
I wish you have an enjoyable new year's eve in finland!
VesaiasTheValiant's avatar
You're welcome! :hug:
And thanks. I hope so too. ;-)
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Hauntingly beautiful. Reminds me of Nightwish's song "The Islander", especially the line 'This is the long forgotten light at the end of the world'. Honestly makes me want to write something for it, like a story. Would that bother you at all, Tommy?
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It's not problem! I'm glad that the painting inspires you to write something so go right ahead :)
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i love this, and the beautiful cold sensation that you made.

p.s: and i like the cool effect of the water uwu

p.s x2: at first I thought that the title said "The Lonely Bacon" ._.
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You're not t he only one so it's okay :)
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What a very expressive piece <3
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Thank you very much, i appreciate it! :)
Feels like the walls of the mountains are surpressing the person in the red uumbrella. Really incredible detail and I feel cold just looking at it. Reminds me of the eye of Sauron as well. I’m currently co-developing a writing app called Prompt that utilises visual and written prompts to inspire stories and poem. Would you be interested in including The Lonely Beacon in the initial line up? Theres so many stories that can come out of this, why is this character journeying to the beacon? What does it signify? I think The Lonely Beacon is just what Prompt is looking for. If you want any more info about Prompt then I’ll be happy to go into more details. We obviously will be putting as much accreditation as you would because we only ask for permission to include the image as a prompt.

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I'm glad that you enjoy this painting!
As for the offer, since the painting is fairly new i think i'll have to pass on the offer.
Thank you for your interest though :)
No worries and thanks for getting back to me! If you have any other paintings that you think would fit what we are looking for and would like to include them in our prompts then let me know, we'd love to include something like this
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This beacon actually seems symbolic for me today; I've needed a beacon of light in my dark times these past few weeks. My personal beacon has been knowing that I will soon be starting a new occupation and my family (particularly my brother) who have been reminding me of how wonderful I am. Glad Dr. Rabbit found something to light up his path, too. Great job! :huggle: :clap:
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Thank you! I'm really glad to hear that!
I wish you the best of luck in your new job :)
I havent forgotton you dont worry :)
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Mystical Aura on this drawing, can i use it as Wallpaper for my PC? c:
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As long as you don't distribute or upload it to other places, then sure!
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superb :clap: love the mood!
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