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The Ghost

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Droplets of rain, soaking my leather duster.
Stepping into another land, another time and another place.
How long has it been? I've forgotten.

I hope you will be there to forgive me eventually.

Hello there! I hope you enjoy the painting!
This one here seems to be more of a bonus art i have in my mind since the last "trilogy-ish" story i made for Natalia. A welcoming sight of the rabbit returning finally. Can you find something interesting perhaps in the painting?
Also i want to ask you if you prefer to see Dr.Rabbit's journey or continue Natalia's journey? do give me a feedback and tell me what you think about it!

Also i am still not super used to the new Deviantart, just felt so weird because i am already too comfortable with the old one haha but i guess i need to learn how to adapt somehow.

Anyways i hope you have a nice day and thank you for everything.

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VesaiasTheValiantHobbyist Traditional Artist

Yay, Dr. Rabbit is here again! :happybounce:

A rather sombre sight to behold but it's still nice to see him again. :nod:

Hmmmm... Something of interest in this painting, eh? :greetings:

*(Gasp)* Wait...

Are those Natalia's backpack, lantern and leather boots there at the base of the tree? :O_o:

Either way, a fascinating piece of art nonetheless! :thumbsup::D

I think you could alternate between Dr. Rabbit & Natalia,

because I really enjoy following both of their journeys. :heart:

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Seems something very slight on the left. I cant figure out this new DA myself. It doesnt show me my fav artists anymore. I like both of them actually so im afraid im no help there. Im just wondering whats down that path.....

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I like Dr. Rabbit...great work!

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PimpernelHobbyist Photographer

Hmm... I've enjoyed Natalia's exploration, I don't seem to remember Dr. Rabbit (maybe I joined too late).

I don't like the new dA one bit but I am also forcing myself to adapt because I love this website and the artists on it.

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MangekkoJonesHobbyist Digital Artist

I think you should do both. You get 2 different perspectives on the world ^^

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Hold that Nat's bag? I don't quite see the hat but those boots are quite familiar.

AAAAAHHH! Don't make me choose between the two! I love them both to no end! The good doctor goes to some of the most gorgeous and wondrous places, not to undermine the places that Nat has been. However, Nat's reports are a delight to read; not to undermine the doctors' writings. Such a dreadful thing to consider one to be superior to the other!

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TomTCHobbyist Digital Artist

I think both do have it's perks haha, The doctor's journey are more observer type and spiritual in a way. Nat on the other hand is more structured and have more story focus to it, more adventurous. :)

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From old mansions to farm houses & now this. Your bunny has gone a long way.

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TomTCHobbyist Digital Artist

That would be an understatement

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IvieMoon Traditional Artist

Beautiful as always - I love the atmosphere that you always capture/create in your paintings. I’m happy to see any of your work but have to say I’m partial to Dr. Rabbit and his story.

I think we’re all trying to figure out how to adjust to Eclipse so you’re not alone there!

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TomTCHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you, glad that you enjoy Dr.rabbit's story! :)

the features are fine but i think it's rather odd and some things are not as intuitive as the old one. The old one was honestly fine, sure it might look boring but it is practical atleast.

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IvieMoon Traditional Artist

I never know what fantastic place Dr. Rabbit will turn up in next, it’s one of the things I enjoy so much about your work. 🙂

I agree that a lot of things about Eclipse don’t make as much sense and seem counterintuitive compared to the old site. I too would much rather have a practical site that we can all use instead of a flashy one that seems to make most things harder!

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AledJonesDigitalArtHobbyist Digital Artist

Beautiful artwork!

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TomTCHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you!

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AledJonesDigitalArtHobbyist Digital Artist

You're always welcome!

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Flower04New Deviant

Beautiful work..

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TomTCHobbyist Digital Artist


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Natalia's journey is awesome, but I've missed seeing the Doc. I'd like to see more of him before going back to Natalia.

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TomTCHobbyist Digital Artist

Perhaps she needs a little break haha

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CreativeArts84Student General Artist

I really hope you continue both. As both stories are wonderful and helps build the others worlds!^^ Really like this scene it's beautiful but a sense of sadness is there as well. Like saying a goodbye, but we meet again as well! Looks like some of Natalia gear lost was perhaps found by Dr.Rabbit?

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