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The Fire Fades

'The cold is going to get me soon. The last warmth in this freezing world will eventually wither away yet i think to myself.. what makes me keep going, what drives me forward. Would it be foolish for people to go on with their lives not knowing what awaits them beyond.
Good things might happen or maybe even something tragic. Another unlucky fate i thought to myself, trying to balance my foot as the unforgiving wind continues to blow itself aggressively towards my direction.
Maybe there will be a light at the end of the tunnel, i thought to myself.. but it doesn't really matter is it. I'm a wanderer with no definite pathway infront of me. Maybe a plaything created by a cosmic puppeteer... A figure in an artist's canvas.
Heh, maybe i won't make it here.. but eventually i will wake up in a different place.. a different time.. a different distant memory... and i will begin exploring again. As for this world... well.. all i can do is watch the last flame as the ember turns to ashes.'
Hello there!
So i hope you enjoy this piece that i made along with the story that goes along with it. So spooky month is getting close, i'm kinda interested in drawing something that fits the theme of horror once in awhile, i never seem to have done that before in the past. So uh why i paint something grim and cynical as this probably because me trying to find purpose or reason for the future. I'm going to be 20 this month and i am slowly getting that identity crisis. "And then what?" i keep asking to myself. When you see people around you and feel like they're there for a purpose but the pathway that's laid down for you are too foggy to see through. Who knows heh..
Anyways i hope you have a nice day!
Thanks for reading!
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Oh my, I'm getting serious Mordor/LoTR vibes here! It's wonderful. : )

Am I the only one who sees an okay hand sign?
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I love the atmosphere of this~

Also, the title reminds me of this song, which honestly is quiet fitting:…
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Lord of the Ringdings
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" And only Dark - will remain ... ... "
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In the far future maybe a small spark will conjure..
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" My Body is ready " :XD: ( for a Continuation :D )
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Spooky, a little Dark Souls vibe. Love the soft flame and lighting around the hand.
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Thank you, the fire is fading :0
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Nice artwork! On first glance, I thought the torch was the Eye of Sauron lol:)

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my friend said that too lol
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I love how it all slants to the arm-like torch.
Looks chilly over there.
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It is very cold indeed.
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What an incredible monument! Lovely choice of angle and perspective~!

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you're so good with landscapes! very expressive strokes! and great atmosphere, the contrast of colors between the fire and the background are just so epicly good! :heart:
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Thank you very much!
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You're Welcome :heart:
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"Yes, indeed, it is called Lothric, where the transitory lands of the Lords of Cinder converge. In venturing North, the Pilgrims discover the truth of the Old Words; The fire fades, and the Lords go without thrones. When the Link of Fire is threatened the Bell tolls, unearthing the old Lords of Cinder from their graves."
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Fire : *fades*
Ashen one : Aight imma head out
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