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Tall, Proud but Alone

'The journey i took lead me to a wasteland of sand. Temperature is tolerable but the hot wind blowing against me makes it difficult to traverse. In the distance a silhouette of tower. Standing alone in the middle of the ruins. The whole surrounding is that of a city that is claimed by a catastrophe, but the tall one manages to survive. But at what cost? Each and every building have tumbled down and destroyed, buried deep into the sand. It's lonely, the wind going through the building makes it sound like as if it was howling. But overall... i wonder what happened here."
Hello there!
Seems like i am trying to do a scene that i almost never do which is desert like scene. This piece was fun and i think i learn a thing or two about lighting and how to convey hot temperature from colors alone. I have this thought in my head about the vast empty world that Dr.Rabbit journeys in, he would arrive at a desert town that is dead with only one landmark standing out, there's not even a sign or anything that tells you about what the building was used for but i add a bit of an unique touch to sort of give the viewer history of what happened without even telling the whole thing. So feel free to speculate lol.
Anyways thank you for reading everything, i hope you enjoy this piece as much as i do!
Have a nice day
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Holy, exquisitely phenomenal! This Wondrous Wasteland of Sand is stunning and Mr. Rabbit looks incredible. The designs, sand castle, towers, city, marketplace, sand caverns, mountains, ledges, crevices, caverns, bridges, pose, expression, ears, jacket, nose, claws, alien neon lights, dunes, sky, clouds, sunlight, rays, reflection, dust, footsteps in the sand, pathway, terrain, storm, wind, boulders, cavern walls, entrance, windows, doors, flow, movement, effects, perspective, realisticness, atmosphere, hues, textures, concept, composition, uniqueness, style, lighting, colors, and other details are also sensational. Amazingly Radical work! :iconfantasticplz:
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A city buried in the sand of a desert, eh... :greetings:
I was thinking about an earthquake first, but then again... :|
Neat science-fiction landscape nonetheless! :D
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I wonder, is our rabbit friend here alone in the world or are there others?
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Who knows, he have been wondering that himself for a long time.
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You know, you sure make these fast. That alone is impressive.

Beautiful work done quickly is not a common skill.
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Thank you very much! and a piece usually take a week to make sure everything is good :)
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For some reason, just by looking at this, my mouth feels so dry and I instantly reached for my water lol
Very cool of you to jump out of your comfort zone, desert are so damn hard to paint.
Also I really liked the name.:heart: 
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Thank you! It's actually not that difficult, but capturing how to make it "hot" is a difficult task
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Have you played Naissancee? 
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Yes i have! It's a pretty atmospheric game!
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Well, so is your painting.

I love that game. This reminds me of parts of the desert level just before the boss. I love it. Not just because of that association, but the skill with which you've rendered this scene. It really makes one wonder what this place actually was.
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Heh, well whatever the viewer interpret it as. It will keep them questioning.That's the fun of mysteries!
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Omg this is beautiful and so inspiring great work!
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Thank you very much!
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Oh man, this is gorgeous.
TomTC's avatar
Thank you very much!
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nothing to say about this one, it's truly epic
TomTC's avatar
You just said something, thank you :D
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