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Remnants of an old king

I can still hear it, the sound from the wind blowing through it's crevices. Creating this sad tragic howl. I've seen the remains in the distant. I couldn't help it, i have to hike my way up there and see what is up with it. Here i am. Close to it... A sense of empathy goes through me. As if i can feel this being's sadness. In order to do what is right, it paid the price. Becoming nothing but a husk of bones. I think it's as if, it's looking at me through the hollow eyes. It sees me.
Hey there!
Happy 2021 and here's my first painting that i contribute to it.
It might look fairly simple but in fact i am going all out in trying to learn Clip Studio Paint and trying to get used to it. I also have the timeline of this painting which you can saw on my twitter, i will link the status in the comments for you to check it out. Think of this as some sort of a beginning practice for me as i am looking to do something much more in the future. Anyways i hope you enjoy the process regardless, thank you so much for sticking along with me :)
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Incredible story telling and to bring so much emotion to this is true talent!

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Awww... The poor dragon king. :tears: That is sad, but oddly beautiful at the same time. :-)

And a cool story from Dr. Rabbit, I too would be filled with curiosity if I saw something like this. :thumbsup::D


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Happy 2021 as well. It's an interesting concept. Keep painting!

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Not bad for a new software!

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Ah ghosts of the pastGlass Of Wine Emoji

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Oh, so that's where my skull went. XD

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Remnants of Behemoths are always kind'a like that. That even something so gigantic could perish to another power, or simply time.

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Knowing that even the great ones might fall eventually, where would that lead us the small ones.

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What was it, a dragon king?

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Somethin like that heh

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Trying to keep it a secret, eh? :sherlock:

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I always look forward to your drawings; quite interesting! Keep up the great work. (I'll RT for you under my old business twitter, though.) :clap:

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That would be much appreciated, thanks!

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Always this mysterious aura on your picture :) I like it.

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Thank ya very much!

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Superb work! So epic :)

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beautiful work and an awesome sense of scale.

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