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Once upon a time, in a forest

A little girl left her home, never to return again.
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Huh... :greetings: Is this how Natalia's story began? :-)

If so, she has had the spirit of an adventurer and an explorer ever since childhood. :D

That iron bar door with stone frames under the roots of the tree intrigues me... :greetings:

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Essentially yeah :) She's a runaway before learning to become a merchant.

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The bunnies are everywhere...

Did Dr. Rabbit make everyone disappear here too...?

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This here is Natalia's story... may or may not be linked.

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Beautiful illustration!

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Woaaw,talk about colorful illustration !~~ :heart:

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Wonder if this is our bear's memories.

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I hope so honestly:)

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This looks so great! The patch of light above the flowers, the shady stream, so pretty. Sort of a continuation of "Hazy memories" I suppose.

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Pieces of Natalia's lonely childhood :)

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Bunny land! Very nicely done!

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... That's a short story

I demand more! >:I

(PS: Beautiful~)

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It's a pretty simple story :) The little girl already has plenty if you've been following my previous work (And is aware who the girl grew up to be)

Enchantingly Beautiful

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Is that supposed to be a sewer drainage in that tree or something?

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Perhaps. MAybe it shouldn't even be there in the first place

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Oooh, an abnormality! :sherlock:

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Your artwork of places is so cool!

You should buy my book. You might feel like drawing some of the places there.

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Gives of a mythical feeling. I like it!

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