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Omen to The Old World


'So this is the place. Nothing but a dead city with buildings hollow like an empty shell. Embraced by the layers upon layers of snow. I feel the gust of wind blowing through crevice of the city creating a sickening howl. It has become like this...

It used to be a place where technology evolves to create a better future.
It used to be a place where people can follow their dreams either failing or succeed in doing so.
It used to be a place where family and friends gather to celebrate.
There is so much life, activity and voices everywhere. Where neon signs glows to advertise you what new drinks or product they want you to buy. Where car speeds by next to you making your ears rings like bullets ricocheting.
Nothing, nobody, no one can expects it to suffer. There's nothing here. Not even bones or anything i can dig up.
Nothing. Everything is gone.
It used to be a place where my mind seems to spark.
It used to be a place where i can find an identity.
It used to be a place where i remember who my friends are...'
Hello there!
First of all, is this inspired by metro? Yes. Just getting that out of the way haha. I would like to thank you for enjoying the painting and reading the flavor text aswell, it means a lot to me.
So i plan to create some city post apocalyptic type of place where Dr.Rabbit reminisce about his potential past and where he is from. It's a more solemn type of nostalgia, the one that is filled with grief and sadness that one can't even remember why they felt that way in the first place. No one is truly prepared for tragedy and when it happens, the only thing that's keeping it alive is the memories carried by other people. Also i'm trying to step out of my comfort zone more and trying to experiment with new scenes in my head. I hope this is well received by you all!
Thank you for reading! have a nice day :D
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This picture looks relaxing and eerie at the same time. Dunno why

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nice mixture of digital art with traditional art ,)=P (Razz) 
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I could hear Hans Zimmerman - Time playing in the background by just looking at the picture
HammerinInkminer's avatar
...a romantic beautiful image found, in a desolate abandoned location -- a different perspective.
DeepInsideDown's avatar
officially, you are my favorite artist. Your work and your stories are amazing. 
TomTC's avatar
Thank you! I am happy that you enjoy it.
HTartistlife's avatar
these are just beautiful. All your paintings actually are. Damn I wish I could draw like you<3
TomTC's avatar
You could if you take your time and learn :p
HTartistlife's avatar
I will do my best! I guess I need more patients ^^'
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Very cool piece. Cold and gray and dark. Good details where needed.
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Thank you very much for the kind words, i appreciate it :)
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guessing the worlds a post apocalyptic one huh?
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You should read up on the Bronze age Collapse that was the first apocalypse might give you some ideas 
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amazing vibes, the colors and realism are... I don't know the right word in English xD poignant ?
you do a great job by using just a little orange tone next to the character and everywhere else only cold colors,
I just love the scene *^*
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Thank you very much! and that was intentional due to me wanting Dr.Rabbit to stand out more :)
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Incredible, you can go in so many directions with this
TomTC's avatar
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Backstory time? Whoa.
You did a great job making it look very cold... this is the type of weather I like to stay in bed all day. Honestly I'm getting the vibe that it's just empty and silent, and it's very spooky. 
TomTC's avatar
Thank you very much!
and yeah it might give you the spooks :D
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Metro? :O_o: Ah, you must be referencing the post-apocalyptic fiction novel Metro 2033, by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. :nod:
Haven't read the book myself but I have seen gameplay videos about the video game adaptation of it. :greetings:

As for this painting, the backstory Dr. Rabbit provides us is pretty dark and gloomy. Very sad, I'd say. :-(
Then again, it likely adds to the mystery and lore of the seemingly empty world Dr. Rabbit keeps exploring. :-)
You've managed to capture a really eerie atmosphere in this one with all those dark shades of blue and grey. Great work! :clap:
A deviation totally :+fav:'d! :thumbsup::D
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