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Just another day of sun


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A really bright day. I scribbled this after i got my PC back, sorta just to vent frustrations. In the end i just want to paint something really simple. Hope you enjoy it though.
After a buncha dark arts i think some brightness would be nice. yknow?
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Great subtle hints on terrain and shadowing with subject. Pleasing to the eye. Well done!

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Oh yes, this is so nice. :D Actually, it's more than nice. :greetings: It's wonderful! :love:

And I love everything about it. :heart:

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Thank you very much :3

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You're welcome, Tommy! :hug:

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Such a beautiful world! I almost expect to see Howl's Moving Castle off in the distance. :)

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Beautifully done

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I want to travel,

I love theses landscapes

Enchantingly Beautiful

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Just what I needed to make me smile! :) Thanks!

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GLad ya like it!

This painting is incredible! The clouds, the rocks, the mountains...It's all so colorful and vibrant!

You are an amazing artist.:)

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Haha thank you!

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Really wholesome. May I ask what place did you use for the inspiration of this artwork?

At least to me it feels like the highlands of the mountain ranges, like the Andes Mountains of South America :P

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I'm not sure if i have any inspiration. i just want to paint something that's blindingly bright lol

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Oooh, is Doc going fishing? :red fish:

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My new wallpaper it looks gorgeous!

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It's great to have you back and I must say this is beautiful.

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Thank you, it's good to be back :)

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I really love how chilled and beautiful the scenery looks here, seems like a well relaxing time to be there and it reminds me of the times I went out for some walks through nature, wonderful work :)

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I'm glad ya like it! :)

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