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I dream of a manmade hell



'There i was, my eyes opening wide. sounds of rain hitting the concrete right above me drizzling along with the metallic roof. Rusted building covered in mold. Ruins. Stepping right into the waste water below me, the canal that runs through the city. Tall buildings blocking off the sun, walking crowds with umbrella in the distance. What is this dream trying to tell me? I know nothing of this place. This claustrophobic manmade buildings that gets even closer the longer i focus my eyes on them. It takes my breath away and not in a good way. Is this the world from before?
The old remnants before the event happened? It was a crowded place with lonely people.
Rarely i get this kind of memory... After awhile i then see a light bursts through the building.
And then i woke up.'
Hey there!
I hope you enjoy this piece of art along with the flavor text that goes along with it!
I was doing some kind of experimental things trying to refine my skill when it comes to bizarre chaotic (But somehow organized) architecture. I have a dream once where i woke up in an alien but familiar city in which is very rainy and foggy and seems barren. I can't remember much of anything else other than that but i try to paint exactly what i see.. it's the closest thing that i can make. What do you think of it though? How would you interpret a manmade hell? Tell me your thoughts.
Thank you for reading! i hope you have a nice day.
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"A crowded place with lonely people." Crowded, but lonely. On the surface, it seems like a contradiction, but sometimes being crowded is more lonely than being alone.

Awesome; a little terrifying, but awesome.