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Gentle breeze

What a beautiful morning. Could go for a coffee right about now.
There's no story to this one, just a simple composition that i might use to practice animating background. Turns out it's harder than i thought it would be usually i paint in only a few layers but for this one i paint in different separated layers. I know this looks super simple but it's mostly for practice purposes. I might return to the story later if you folks are still interested anyways.

I don't think i'm confident enough to post the animation result here especially since i don't have After Effects, i'm looking around to find animating software that can assist with making simple gestural movements. Hopefully though you still enjoy this painting by itself.
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Ah, yes... A truly relaxing sight. :nod:

Sometimes it's good to just sit down and enjoy the gentle breeze of the wind. ;-) :+fav:


Ho! :O_o: "To practice animating a background"? That would be cool. :D

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I actually posted the animation in the lowest comment. you can see the animation there :0

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Ooh! :O_o: I see it. Looks really good! :thumbsup::D

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I wonder... What lies beyond the mountains?

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Nice one Tom c:

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Thank you :)

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It's fine that there is no story, this feels like a downtime thing.

This one feels like it could be a short animation.

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wanna try to animate one day, tricky stuff though

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Maybe, but I have little experience with it and what i do have is from a crappy photoshop thing back in uni.

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What a beautiful morning it is. Great work!

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Whaaa? The first time Dr. Rabbit's been to a place where there's possibly people and it's not like a cyberpunk flashback and no story???

Just kiddin'. Doc deserves to visit a dimension where there's coffee once in a while...

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Well yeah for once it's finally something that is just relaxing and chill. With no complicated dark tales :>

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I would have liked to read the story of this picture. Keep it up.

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Sorry, i just couldn't think of anything interesting for this piece.

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What a great scenery. And I bet Dr. Rabbit could go for a coffee too, to sit and enjoy the luminous summer day.

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Maybe making himself cozy in one of the empty houses :)

FougereMarchant's avatar

Yes... and I am wondering which one he will pick...

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Sometimes within one's travels, nothing's really going on

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Very beautiful and serene! Keep up the great work!:clap:

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Thank you :)

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Hiya doc! Lovely day isn't it? Man I love this! I especially like the windmills you got going on there, I like the countryside in general too! And oh, you better believe I wanna see more of doc, I always love a good story. Give me what ya got!

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