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Gazing Down Below

'Into the hollow world bellow. In one of my travels, My travels have brought me into an area mentioned in the catastrophic news in a certain part of the world. In which a sinkhole opened violently forming and destroying it's surroundings. But i cannot help noticing the odd structures of the rocks and the vegetation that grows there. This specific area has a strong anomaly that i cannot understand. The rock that i throw down there never reached the bottom.
I am however, certain about one thing, the more i look down into the abyss... i could swear someone is staring back at me from below.'
Heya there
I hope you enjoy the painting along with the little flavor story that goes along with it.
This has an obvious reference to Made in Abyss i'm aware of that lmao, but yeah i was trying some new perspective in my art. experimenting with a more unconventional composition and form. You can say that this art is simple enough to digest. I don't really look for any kind of complexity in the art so you can say that it's a form of practice for me. I look forward to improve more on other aspect in art that i find lacking.
Thank you for taking your time and reading it, exam is approaching closer and i'm kinda struggling a bit. Trying not to give into the pressure and jump into the abyss haha.
I hope you have a nice day.
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Did you watch Made In Abyss? What do you think lies at the very bottom of the Abyss?

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Half life 3 maybe..
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yep definitely made me think of Made in Abyss, no wonder :D
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WOW, it reminded me a lot of "Made in Abyss", "please turn around away from this edge!". ( º 3º )~
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The curse of the layers :0
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Hoo! :O_o: That's both beautiful and kind of creepy. ;P
An intriguing concept for a painting! :thumbsup::D
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Thank you! :)
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(if you haven't seen it "Made in Abyss" is beautiful but disturbing. the anime is better than the manga in my taste =) )
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I do watch it.
Don't lean over too far. Nice little house on the far side,, wonder how they get to work?
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I would imagine that it's just one of a resting area for spelunkers.
Or a ruin of a house that fell down there after the earthquake.
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Very majestic scene for our ol' bunny explorer :D
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Wow, what a view! This has such a great sense of depth and height to it!

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Thank you very much!
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Wow.  That's all, just wow.  Thank you for sharing.
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No problem! :)
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Looks very beautiful.
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You're doing a good job with the practice, i get a sense of the scope of the sinkhole:) (Smile) 
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Thank you, i appreciate it :D
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"Made In Abyss" anyone?
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