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Finally, Some Peace And Quiet.

'A mind is an interesting place. In the midst of hardships and tough times.. sweat pouring down from your hard work, the heat of the sun boiling the outer layer of the skin. All of that slowly fading away as you rest and wake up in the place where you are in a complete state of zen. It's a place that i always return to, sitting there to watch the still pond. The warm temperature combined with the breeze occasionally caressing the leaves of the bamboo trees... This is a place i want to stay. But a sad part of me know that i cannot stay here forever... Have to go back... eventually'
Hello there!
the mid-term exam is finally done so i atleast get to focus on my art again and begin to work on commission too. It is a tough week but i brave through it nonetheless. Though the worse is yet to come in the future and honestly i can't help but just think of what i'm going to do in the future. I have anxiety thinking that i become a nobody and simply be forgotten by the unforgiving march of time. So.. i guess what's infront of me is foggy. really foggy. But hey! downer story aside, i hope you enjoy my painting and look forward for the next one! :)
Hope you have a nice day!
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Such a beautiful drawing! 😮

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So cool 😎👍

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I LOVE your scenery pics and skill! ^^ Very inspirational! It opens up the imagination so well! I love it! 
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Thank you very much! I am happy that you enjoy it :)
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Yours is the world I want to live in
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I yearn to have a little home like this
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The detail is extraordinary. What a beautiful piece and I love the words you put with it. I too have a place like that. Its called Matilday Bay in Perth WA. So good for us to visit that place regularly. 
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Thank you very much for the compliment! :) i think everyone should have that place of relaxation to calm their minds before a big storm coming.
This is beautiful and gives me a serene feeling. Excellent artwork!
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Thank you very much!
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Ok this is probably the best work I have seen from you in a long long long long time I love it so much, it calls to me for some reason I don't why or how to explain it,  it invokes  a sorta strange Nostalgic feeling kind of like a memory from my child hood, without your art or art like yours I don't think we would have the ability to have the nostalgic feelings like this one I am feeling now keep up the good work your art is always beautiful especially with your writing.
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Ah thank you very much, i appreciate your kind words :)
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Woooo! :happybounce: I love it! :love:
The interior, the pond, the cherry trees, the "Dream" kanji scroll on the wall, it's all so cozy and tranquil!
Another deviation totally :+fav:'d! :thumbsup::D And I believe there is still hope for you as well, Tommy. ;-)
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Thank you very much! i appreciate it :)
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Hi! Umm... so I made this "animated" wallpaper on Wallpaper Engine with your painting, and... It took me like 1 to 2 hours of animating (not that difficult) and well, I don't know if that's allowed to do with your art/painting. So, if it's not ill delete it or something.

My steam profile is kalashiii~!, since I can't post links here to the actual wallpaper.

Just added a few animations: Breathing, falling leaves, trees moving, waves on the water and a few more things.

Hope you like it and well, if you don't want your painting there let me know and I'll remove it.
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Hi there! I think as long as my painting is credited it's fine! :)
I don't have wallpaper engine on steam but i'll love to check out the result haha :D
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I wonder sometimes if you have this sort of map in your head about whatever area Mr Rabbit is exploring.
It's unlikely, but certain themes repeat a bit and it gets my imagination going haha
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Well i don't really have a map, but i go by certain scenarios that i want Dr.rabbit to be in. It usually depends from time to time, it was never concrete :)
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I love your environments.

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Thank you very much! I appreciate it :)
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like a painting
lovely place
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Thank you very much!
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