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Distant Warmth

"It's endless. I've been traversing this forest for hours and i still cannot find anything resembling a place of warmth. My hands are shaking and visions blurry. Even my lantern goes from a warm orange tint into a cold blue-ish hue. I suppose i should just give up, in the distant i can see it.
I see a small cabin in the distance. Or rather a small house just located right next to a river conveniently. Without any hesitation i make my way there. There's a warm lantern illuminating the interior. A nice hot soup on the table and a comfy bed. This is.. all too convenient for me to believe. A gift from someone? Someone has been here before.
I see a note on the table. Only have two words in it."

'With Love~'
Hello there!
I hope you enjoy the painting along with the story that accommpanies it. It's been kinda hot and sometimes rainy in my area for awhile now. It's rather enjoyable but at the same time it makes a lot of people sick haha. I still have a lot of college project that needs taking care of. For this piece i want the craving of warmth in a cold freezing day. Especially this being december and all. I hope you folks who live in cold areas can relate to this painting haha!
Anyways overall i'm doing fine, i hope you are too!
Have a nice day !
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This reminds me of the ending to The Giver (the book, NOT the movie) when the main character finally finds a welcoming sight after having escaped a dystopian setting.

Truly an amazing piece of art

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Whenever it’s sweltering, I think of cold, snowy places. And whenever it’s freezing, I think of warm, sunny places.

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Congratulations on winning :iconbeingblue:'s BLUE of the Week - TomTC :clap:
Greetings, Karin :iconblhplz:
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Haha wait i don't even know that i submit myself in a contest or anything. But thank you! :D
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I's not a contest :)
Every week I choose a deviation for "Blue of the Week"
which is then shown on the profile.
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Hello! Your beautiful work was featured here: Introducing: AtmosphericArt!
Have a great day! :heart:
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Thank you for the feature!
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I really like how Eerie this looks, like it came out of a horror movie. :oops:

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It's spooky
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One of the happiest episodes from Dr. Rabbit's journeys, period! :thumbsup::D
rabbit heart emoji:+fav: 
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You could say that ^^
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Let me travel with you sensei...
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Bjirrr, mantap kali
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What a cold and imposing forest~ You create such wonderful atmospheres~!

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Thank you very much!

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I really appreciate the wide range of scenery throughout your works. Amazing!
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Thank you! I appreciate it :D
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So mysterious and beautiful :heart:

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You are welcome ❤

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