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Abandoned for a reason

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Natalia's Report

After some exchanging of information i finally discovered the area where i might potentially learn about the signs and symbol that i discovered in my journey but i think this one is more of a dud than anything... The excavation site was abandoned due to accidents such as caving in and some more... anomaly that is present.

Archeologist disappearing unknowingly, a story of an obsessed professor who was researching the symbol too, drawn in by the inexplicable vortex. The shape, the idea and the implication that it might had. Soon one day when visiting his room, there's nothing but his clothes on the chair. While he disappeared as if instantaneously. Nothing but dust.

They dug too deep and might not enjoy the answer laid within... I'm not sure if i want to venture further for my sanity's sake but looking around the site and the.. ominous rock formation infront of me. I discovered that another similar instances might be present in a different climate, written on a note that i 'borrowed' from someone that used to work here... Now then before i leave. maybe there should be something valuable.
Hey there!
Thank you for reading, i hope you enjoy the painting along with the story that goes along with it. Originally i don't even have any plan to paint this week because of an artblock but i manage to get around it and somehow make this.
Was making a joke about how this painting was rendered in unreal engine 5 or something haha. But yeah i was playing with the idea of an abnormal and hypnotizing rock formation that has anomalous qualities and runs with the idea since there are much more to be discovered from this symbol and how it relates to the man with the longcoat. Who knows? :p

Anyways thank you again, i hope you have a nice day! :)

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VesaiasTheValiantHobbyist Traditional Artist

Ooh-ooh... :O_o: Creepy! ;P

Didn't expect that strange angular sign would inspire something like this. :greetings:

Pretty creative nonetheless, Tommy! :thumbsup::D

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Fantastic... I am always looking forward to the next installment!

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MangekkoJonesHobbyist Digital Artist

Is the professor Dr.Rabbit and we've been seeing his journey throughout time and space?:happybounce:

Good job as always:)

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TomTCHobbyist Digital Artist

most likely not :p

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MangekkoJonesHobbyist Digital Artist


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Fr0stbiteartNew Deviant
Thats amazing!
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That symbol looks so familiar.

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PimpernelHobbyist Photographer

This is quite creepy!

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Abnor-86Hobbyist General Artist

This is absolutely stunning!

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Reminds me of the Gali nuva symbol

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ainjeluvHobbyist General Artist

Such a daunting view for Natalia; it is similar to my view today as I worked on my roof. Keep up the great work!

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TomTCHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you!

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Kiwi-R Artist

This is terrifically amazing. :D

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TomTCHobbyist Digital Artist

Gives ya the shivers of excitement :)

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Mimi's Report

"I've come across an old excavation site today. Was hoping I could find something that is valuable here to sell. During my expedition, I felt an old ominous presence; something sinister that takes those that are unaware. The strange symbol that is also there, I have heard it can seemingly possess certain individuals to near insanity. But at the same time, I felt a feeling of abandonment. Some feeling of so much time and effort being given, only for nothing to be given in return; pushed away perhaps. As much as I like the sound of the man-made river, I don't think this is a safe spot. Not anymore. I feel like someone was also here before me. I heard there's few valuables here, but I hope they haven't taken what I'm looking for. Wonder what my brother would think... I should go. I should find the artifact I want... As much as I'd like to explore more, give this place a little company, I do not wish this old site to become my grave."


Hello Tom.

It's been awhile since I wrote something. I've been following your other artwork involving Natalia, and I must say, I'm still impressed by your artstyle, the adventures, the reports/journals. I thought of also continuing with also character I thought of; I feel some inspiration from your artwork and some stories that go with it. That said, as the sister of my first, Prof. Raptor, It's something I thought about for a short time.

I hope you're also doing well Tom, and I wish you a good day.

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ArtofLucienProfessional Digital Artist

lovely job again :)


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Mystically Stunning

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Faved for a reason

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TomTCHobbyist Digital Artist

Replied for a reason.

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KoboldPrincessHobbyist Digital Artist

This looks really cool

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TomTCHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you!

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So awesome, wish I could do stuff like this!!

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TomTCHobbyist Digital Artist

Spelunking is a dangerous activity, but i think there are places that can teach you provided you have the gear and the energy :)

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