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A town with an ocean view

'Whenever i sleep, i sometimes dream of a small seaside town. I can hear the music playing in the distance, a familiar and nostalgic tune. The sound of birds chirping as the summer sun shines bright against the quiet town. The calming ocean breeze blowing through the alleyways of the town. I feel at ease, at peace. It's as if i stepped into a world created by a painting. It's a place i aspire to be.. a distant world just for me and my thoughts. As i get closer to the music, i see a girl standing in the distance... as she turns to me, i woke up.'
Hello there!
I hope you enjoy the art along with the story that goes along with it! :)
Also, yes first and foremost the title is a reference to Kiki's delivery service music. I've been rewatching that again lol. Also the music i listen to as of late is "La fille aux cheveux de lin". It gives me an inspiration to paint the kind of town that you would often see in paintings, commonly an italian seaside town.
Also sorry that this took awhile because i was focusing on adapting myself with college and all that stuff so it does took awhile for me to focus on painting but hey i think i'm quite proud of this piece! I hope you enjoy it as much as i do.
Thank you for reading, i hope you have a nice day :)
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Interesting contrast between narrow streets and open sea on the horizon
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warm colors, I want to be there
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A town lost in time, it's as it always has been
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Funny, I was actually getting some southern Spain vibes from this painting. :XD: Flag of Spain 
Yay, Kiki's Delivery Service is a great animated movie from Studio Ghibli! :thumbsup::D
Have a nice day, Tommy! :wave:
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I'm glad that you enjoy this :)
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I wish I could be there adventuring with ma boi mr. Rabbit and visit wonderful places such as this
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I'm sure he would appreciate the company!
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Very nice place looks like a very beautiful/peaceful place to visit. Love how the Flowers/plants are interwoven in the roofs,walls, archways and buildings!^^ :D
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Thank you very much! :)
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This looks gorgeous! I love the scenery and the composition of the town!
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Thank you so much! :)
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Nope, just the perspective from the high places.
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This is so nice, looking at it makes me feel relaxed.
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Glad that it relaxes you!
Absolutely amazing. Stunning. Fantastic art. Sincerely I mean that. But just going to write it... the bunny ears kinda throws the whole ascetic vibe to it for me.
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You have such a wonderful talent for creating intriguing landscapes with beautiful lighting and just enough detail~
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Thank you very much!

Wow this looks really beautiful!

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I looked at this fast and thought Mater from Cars was in the background XD
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