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A Breathtaking Spot

'I can feel that autumn is going to arrive sooner or later, spring only feels like yesterday. Maybe the passage of time goes by differently than my perception. Season changes yet i do not notice it immediately. I arrive at a beautiful scenic lake that looks like it's straight out of a painting.. or a dekstop wallpaper. Apparently this place was known to be a very popular tourist spot, but now it's nothing but the sound of howling wind and silence as i fish. I notice abandoned boat already covered in moss and deteriorating, overgrowing grass and always that looming sense of melancholy as i sit there.
Though i must say it's not often that i see clouds having this kind of shape and form here. It gives off a nice contrast before transitioning into nighttime... oh speaking of which, i didn't seem to catch anything after lamenting for hours... i wonder if there's actually any kind of fish down in the lake or maybe a lake monster heh... though seeing how things are right now. The whole world might be the lake and i am a monster that lurks beneath it.'
Hello there!
Thank you very much for taking your time to read everything, i hope you enjoy the painting as much as you enjoy the story. The inspiration from this painting is actually taken from an old painting i made back in 2017 called "Breathtaking" kind of a tribute and not at the same time? Since i've been painting a lot of scenic lakes and mountains. So this one though i am trying to emulate those "anime" looking clouds like the ones in Makoto shinkai film or atleast using the reference and try to do it in a more scattered way. Like Bob Ross said, clouds have a very freeform shape. In the end i think i want to make something "wallpaper" ish so from a cloud practice becomes a scenery mountain with Doctor rabbit in the corner!
Thank you again for reading this footnote, i hope you have a nice day!
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i love the strokes on the sky and the distant mountain, so vaporous :)

I love the sense of wanderlust in your landscape pics... People, especially some specific ones, travel for many things... cause they want to become better selves by knowing newer scenarios, for specific goals, to take a break from their regular life, many times even to run away from something, or just to find in the end that what they sought was where they started, and the travel just was the tool for them to realize... I think these things all are true and counts... but I dunno, I don't think it's "just" that... at cost of sounding like a philosopher wannnabe (xD) I always believed there is something innate in the human being, a sort of fire that differs in intensity from person to person, and in some of them is so burning that they would wither if they didn't follow its impulse... it's that compulsion to go on, to continue proceeding out of the known boundaries... "what's the land beyond that see like?", "what I'll see from the peak of those mountains?" "how far go these plains and what would I find in their end?" ... It's not even just normal curiosity, one just must go on, and see and know firsthand with his/her own senses, not just asking someone who already knows.

Reminds me what Tolkien wrote in his myth of origins, about the creations of humans in Middle Earth... I can't quote the english line, but was said something like that "they were gifted of hearts that were never content and at peace, and their curiosity pushed them to explore even beyond the walls of the world"

sorry for the walltext but it's really great, and really rare, tbh, to find art that isn't just technically good, but that can transpire such feelings and sprout thoughts in the viewer :)
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I read everything and i agree with your statement :)
I appreciate you taking your time to write all of this and really feel thankful for the kind words that you've written.

I am glad that you enjoy my painting this much. truly.
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Such amazing work!
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Beautiful and awesome
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Kinda makes me think of the Lonely Mountain from The Hobbit. Either way, very beautiful piece!
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So beautiful art good job! :)
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My word, this, is... AMAZING! :love: I love it so much! :heart:
This is a painting that should definitely be put in frames, it's a real master piece to be admired. ;-)
Outstanding work, Tommy! :clap: A deviation without a question totally :+fav:'d! :thumbsup::D
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Thank you very much i appreciate it :D
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<< No, YOU are breath taking... >>
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You're all breathtaking!
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I love this picture do much, , , i feel like i can actually go into it. Great art dude 😁
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Thank you very much! I appreciate it :D
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The esteemed Dr. Rabbit has found a fantastic spot to rest and meditate.
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That's gotta be the dream!
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I don’t often read Images descriptions, but your stories combined with the picture itself always make this an enjoyable experience.

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Thank you! I always try my best to make the story simple enough to digest and not overly complicated :)
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That sky is breathtaking~!
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