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Meadow full of pearls

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I'm always a fan of light and it's interesting ways of changing a scene based upon your eye angle and it's trajectory to it. I'm also a fan of the greener months and sunsets, regardless of where and how. Although, this particular photo unfortunately isn't as entirely original as each sunset is. There are a lot of low to the ground, mixture between close focus and far away blur nature scenes here on deviantArt. Though that's not to say each one doesn't deserve the gratitude for that magical moment it was taken.

The technique was professional enough for my tastes, though the only things I wish I could have seen differently were minor. The blurriness of the background is inevitable when you're taking an up close shot, but with the grass taking up little more than half of the picture and the sun being as bright as it is; I sort of feel like I need to squint to see what's back there, though I know it will do me no good.
Also, I wish I could have heard more about it from the artist themselves. Each photo is a stilled frame in history, irreplaceable and obviously was taken such a way at such a place for a reason. Something, anything about it or even a feeling it conjures at the time would make this seem more realistic and have more feeling that might have been intended.
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Hi dear :3 your work has been featured here [link] :) cheers!
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this is so spectacular... I love it :)
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stunning. I have seen many shots of sunlight through long summer grass and meadow's but something about this is so fresh and different. The water droplets for a start, and the little lights they create. So warm. And then the shape of the sun - its just like a candle flame. Strange, intruiging. Captivating
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This is extremely beautiful :)
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Beautifull!!! XD
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Featured in my journal here: [link] :aww:
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I simply adore this picture!
You captured the feeling of the moment perfectly. :clap:
Love it! :love:
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This is just lovely. :heart: I love the DOF.
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:sun: :sun: :sun:

Hello! I have featured this photograph in my journal on "Summer Light." [link]

:sun: :sun: :sun:
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Awesome sauce!
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this one i like... alot :D
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I can imagine the feeling of the gentle morning cold, in a good way, and my feet getting wet when walking through. It really is an amazing shot! :)
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How magnificient :) A wonderful composition, a great angle... The light is simple outstanding with many warm and peaceful color! A part of Heaven!
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Thank you so much.
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