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Intellectual milk A by tomsky Intellectual milk A by tomsky
Then suddenly one day I
started to wonder
intellectual milk, what colour is that?
and then it struck me
and yes, I was right
sure, of course, no doubt - it's black!

This is a part of a series. I already submitted one. You can continue here if you like ..

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CALIBAN-dg Featured By Owner May 13, 2005
Wow.. Ulysses!!
I`m very scared to read this book. Great shot men.
madefromrecycledpape Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2004   Interface Designer
heya !

I also like Joyce.

and this picture alot
snorgbert Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
heheheh so very cool!! Great angle
stephanite Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2003
its cold coffee?
morganaarau Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2003
Great pic... great imagination... great art...
johnedgar Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2003   Filmographer
hehe, neat pic.
icarus-ica Featured By Owner May 21, 2003
wow !
Awesome shot and great thoughts ... :) (Smile)
Did you ever read ulysses ? i started but .... ;) (Wink)

greetz icarus Bye

"Islam Karimow aß mit Vorliebe verfaulte Blätter von Ahorn und Pfirsich. Er liebte dunklen Pflanzenhumus, breiigen Kompost, klebrige Kothaufen,
verwelkt und fermentiert am Boden liegend ... köstlich feiner Labsal....."

sidro Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2003
nice , my eyes have seen a small handkerchieff in hand that holds milk ...

Very nice...
wyrd Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2003
This is a really interesting photo and i like the contrived
set up of the scene and the placement of the books and the other objects.
If intellectual milk is black then i think that it must have been made from the ink
used in all of those books in the library.

By the way you are a very handsome man.

gabrieli Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2003
great shot...really cool idea.
knowleser Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2003
LOL, great shot man. So much character, technically spot on and gr8 composition.

Faults . . . naaa there ain't any :D (Big Grin)
inbalance7 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2003
This is one fine shot
I also admire the follow-up
Damn good job man!
heroneya Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2003   Photographer
i still love this picture, and the idea, and the tones, and the expression in your face, and you (!!!) and all the fun that you had making this session. pity you don't show them the rest :) (Smile)
dzee Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2003   Interface Designer
Yes, indeed, very imaginative.
It's just something about it reminds me of Leon.
In any case, great picture and discription, it made me smile.
ironcross Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2003
Fantastic concept, very imaginative
psychovero Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2003
great pic... i love the "ambiente" it creates...
and besides intellectual you look very artistic...why is the milk black if you're smart?
plasticmoon Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2003   Photographer
amazing, i think it's your greatest picture of all the serie. all is perfect, composition, angle, etc. the only thing is perhaps the color, i'd rather a BW.
:) (Smile)
dollseye Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2003
If a fly fell into the glass... what would happen? Would the fly drown and in it's very last moments become an intellectual fly? Or would it survive and climb out and... and... and...

I like all of your self portraits, your face reminds me of someone else who I know very well and it's an uncanny resemblance...

The intellectual milk series is great, it's a little challenging/provoking with a lightness that I like very much...

Jess :) (Smile)
nexus7 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2003
on ideas of intelligence and information and the way you choose to exhibit tht sense of feeling...i guess tht representation would differ from person to person drastically but somehow we do all have a kind of stigma (not using this word in a negative way) of intellectuals. i love this piece, the sepia tone works great, the composition also offers curiousity and in a way offers some kind of description of an intellectual, the impression, the concrete impression. anyways i have started to analyse this..which is unneccessary.
consequently u made me to think about the meaning and the impression of an intellectual image.
about the black milk,...witty.
loost Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2003   Photographer
this is great and i see it's not only my opinion about your photo...
well, what can i say .... +fav
sombersoul Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2003
James Joyce - something black in the glass. It must be Guinness. :) (Smile) An intellectual man's drink for sure... The expression on the man's face makes the pouring of the "milk" appear like some sort of carefully executed ritual.
lsevenl Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2003
+fav because I would imagine this took a while to set up and the outcome is magnificent. I love the way you portrayed the scene and atmosphere. superb job all around!
opioid Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2003  Professional General Artist
Great shot...well thought out. The sepia and graininess gives it a great old feel. Thumbs Up
mysticsick Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2003
great idea and very original...the old timey sepia tone feel really works...the expression on the guys face seems a little too concentrated though... i dunno another expression might be better for the shot

great idea
nice description!
elfeinkilt Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2003
it's strange it's curious's really nice.....
aah it caught my eyes
and i love it yes ...I love your style too
so... I want you in my favs
nokomis Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2003
This is just great..
Library feeling.. that look you have on your face..
The way the books are placed infront of everything.. they are in focus.. as well as the milk and your face is..

It's well done!

You should be staisfyed with this piece Nod

And the coloring is great too


isky Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2003
this is too cool! i love the depth. the concept, the composition - all fantastic!
heroneya Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2003   Photographer
even sharq liked this one??? hehe
it's a great photography, i have no comment at all. the idea, intelectual background haha, and your look, expression in the face, joyce, ritzenhoff glass that are famous as milk glasses, and then this black milk (what did you use to make milk black?).

nebelkraehe Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2003  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
This is really great... I love this shot... really great composition and such... nice color, too... and black milk?.. Whee!... Great work!
aconformistsheep Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2003   Photographer
i totally added this for the style. i love the kind of athmosphere, almost like a genre, that your pics portray. especially this one. +fav.
sharq Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2003
This is a winner. What an incredibly cool photograph.

theprofessor Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2003
lol black milk would that be coffee? LOL loves this!
tuckerhat Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2003   Photographer
haha joyce hated that (only cause i was made to read it, otherwise good). like the setting u created with the props and the clothing, not to mention how u messed with the channels. gj
yhancik Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
fun, witty and well executed

you'll have to tell us the actual story behind it ;) (Wink)
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