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potter calling the snape black

harry rulez.
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Where can I find this hentai?
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This seems like a legit argument that those two would have... Both are high in my book, though ;)
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Eh, just one question. I'm damnly interested in what's Harry's shirt saying. xD
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My guess would be the Holyhead Harpies- like the female quidditch team ^^
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lol...the King of Fangirl-gasms in numbers would be Neville...because in the end he IS a BAMF.
I am a die hard Snape fan but damn Neville sure comes close...

PS: the snake is sooo adorable :)
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The snake! XD Love their faces1 Harry Trolls them
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This is so funny and the characters are exactly as I imagined them :D I loove Remus'? tshirt saying 'I'm not gay' haha! I can see him being bisexual though :P
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Totally AWESOME!
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Haha. I love this.
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:lol: I can totally see that happen.

And I just love Snape's face in panels 1 and 5!
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Yeah, these guys are too serious. I like Harry's sense of humour here =)
Thanks for bringing back all those memories of that time I decided to read giant squid fanfiction. :\
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oh dear god harry reads henti...lulllll
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Winky drinking in the background....
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giant squid? oh god no!
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.......Giant Squid???
Am I the only one who caught that? O__o
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ooo love how you drew this :3
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please tell me no one ever made that pairing.
RaVeNtHeTiTaN's avatar
well, someone made a snape and hedwig thingy......... im shivering at the thought of harry and the squid
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sorry, WHAT is Harry going to read?! (i wonder if he'll share . . .)
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