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isn't he gorgeous?

eeeh, more crookshanks! this time, an illustration from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J K Rowling, when Hermione first gets Crookshanks. Although actually, she wouldn't be wearing her Hogwarts robes at that point.
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Crookshanks is like, 'here we go again. Perfect...what do you want me to do, introduce myself with an 'interesting fact about my life'?' haha! I love massive cats...:-D
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massive, fluffy, grumpy cats!
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:lol: Absolutely love Crookshanks' expression.
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thanks! hee grumpy cat :)
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Yes, he is. I love Hermione's hair here and her love for her big, grumpy furball! :meow: :heart:
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thanks! I like that they both have fluffy hair.
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I love your Hermione, scribbly or not - she's got the essence of the slightly nerdy girl that Emma Watson has always been too pretty for.
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thank you! Emma Watson is too pretty for Hermione in my opinion too- which might seem unfair because there are plenty people who are pretty AND clever, and Emma Watson seems pretty clever herself. But... not Hermione! Maybe she is - or was, as filming is over - too well-groomed by the wardrobe & make-up people.
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And simply too hip, yes. She looks good and knows it. Although I think it's impossible to find a teenage girl who looks beautiful and doesn't know it AND is an actress... or find a girl who's beautiful and knows it, but is a good enough actress to act as though she didn't.

That got sort of confusing there. Sorry. :D
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This is super cute! I love it!
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This is adorable and completely true to that scene for both of them. His expression rocks.
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thanks! I think I loved Hermione twice as much when she fell in love with this grumpy grouchy old cat.
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I love his grumpy face! I read a fanfic once where Hermione tried to get Crokshanks "done", but the vet ended up in a worse state than he did!
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haha, I bet he did! :D
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Ohmygoodness, his face. x)
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XD Yes. Yes, he is :aww:
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Heh, I like his 'evil' look :D
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thanks! grumpy, more like...
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