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The Order of the Phoenix

By TomScribble
Some of the members of the Order, from 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' by JK Rowling.

From left to right: Crookshanks (cat), Severus Snape, Molly Weasley, Kingsley Shacklebolt (back), Nymphadora Tonks, Arthur Weasley, Bill Weasley (back), Remus Lupin, Mundungus Fletcher (back), Sirius Black, Kreacher (house-elf).

I'm not too pleased with the scan here, but it's such a whopping picture it wouldn't fit on the A3 scanner and so... But I really wanted to put it up here before 'Deathly Hallows' was published and more people on it died. And also because some theories implied on it may be confirmed or unconfirmed. It's a case of leaving it for too long here, I think... I started it before Christmas 2006 and worked in fits and starts - not the ideal way to go about a pencil drawing. Ah well.

I love 16th/17th century group oil portraits of guild members and that sort of thing, and also later portraits of councils of war. That was the kind of thing I was thinking of when I started the picture. I also wanted to add moevment to the picture by having everybody look at somebody or something else: Kingsley, Tonks, Arthur and Bill are grouped around the map, while Arthur is checking Kingsley for some kind of confirmation, Molly is looking either worried at her son or annoyed at Dung for smoking during the meeting, Lupin is mooning over Tonks, Sirius is giving Snape a seriously black glare (and thus ignoring Kreacher sneaking away with a portrait of Bellatrix Lestrange and OMG a locket !?!?!?), Crookshanks is also suspicious of Snape and Snape is looking out at us with an enigmatic sneer because he's the only one (besides JK Rowling and allegedly Alan Rickman) who knows whether he's good or bad or whatever the heck the deal with Snape is! *hysteria* (Tonight! Tonight!)

I shall upload a better (scanned) version later, I suppose... but I expect to be too shell-shocked by Book 7 to do much of anything soon.
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Can I print it for myself?

My first thought was Last Supper (tableau at a table and the body groupings), second Caravaggio (lighting)

But please I do appreciate the originality of the premise, your style of depiction, and your picturisation of those characters

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This is a fantastic drawing
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I thought Kingsleigh was Voldemort at first. Wow, this picture is very well done. Fantastic.
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I recognized everyone immediately except for Bill. This is a great sketch and interpretation of them. I would've drawn Kreacher a bit larger than that but great regardless.
dixiekasilke's avatar
Love your style! Agree with LadyofLute - has something of Edward Gorey about it (whom I adore) :D (Big Grin) 
This is just beautiful - the lighting, the characterization, the details. I just noticed that Lupin is looking at Tonks! That unguarded moment is so sweet. And Snape is looking at us! Perfect.
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omg i thought kingsley was voldemort for a second xD
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background is very gorey-esque. I like it. :D
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It's so wonderful! The DD is well-deserved!!!:heart::heart::heart:
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Good evening TomScribble,

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We were wondering if you would be interested in possibly donating a small piece of art for the winners banners for the upcoming Fall-Winter Round of awards? It wouldn't have to be new art created for the event. It could be something wonderful that you've already drawn featuring the Harry Potter universe and show here on your DeviantArt site. All kudos would go to you, of course, as well as a link back to your website here.

Please let us know if you'd like to get in on the fun by emailing us at or by sending us a note us through Livejournal ("hpfanficfanpoll"). We already have other artists lined up to donate some art, and we'd love to include you.

Hoping to hear from you soon,

- Melissa, Moderator
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Actually never mind. if you want to see snape this way then that's fine. Who am I to dictate how you see a character or how they dress?

I also figured out why he's the only one in a dress so you don't have to answer lol.
xRyuzakix's avatar
I have to know since it's been bothering me for years but...why is Snape the only one without trousers? he's one of the only half bloods who grew up as a muggle and it makes no sense that he would be wearing a dress.

In Pottermore JK recently said that the fashion stopped moving forward for British wizards and such during the 16-17th century. But that means they would be wearing panatloons at least. My friend did an awesome sketch of what the clothes would look like if JK was correct. (Panatloons, nice dandy shoes, jackets of one of the four colors with beautiful gold, silver, bronze, or black trim.)

Like awesome shading and such but the lack of snape with trousers is really bothering me and I need to know.
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This is just brilliant. I didn't even have to look at the description to know who they all were.
JH-creator's avatar
I love it...It has exactly the same atmosphere i feel from the book!
Anna-McNarin's avatar
This just draws you in, so much detail. The whole thing is lovely.
Ramsay-Bolton's avatar
I love it, it's perfect ^^
Mafer-Potter's avatar
I love this. SO. MUCH.
You've made an interesting piece here, y'know.
I love the way Severus is sitting. Also, the interactions between all the characters and the little details you've added (and explained). Thanks for sharing :D
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This is amazing! The characters are very close to how I always imagined them.
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This is beautiful and I'm so excited I found it!!!!!!!! <3 I love this style and... and everything. I was able to instantly recognize everyone without checking the description. Thank you!
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