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Marauder Meme

Fun meme by :iconjolly2: and :iconalatariel-amandil: - forgive me for taking great liberties with the title.

YES YOU ARE TAGGED get th'original here: [link]

Done with the somewhat dubious technique of digitally colouring pencil sketch scans. I suddenly realised I hadn't done ANY Marauder-era art at all. The hardest thing was turning those messy old geezers into young wrinkle-free stubble-free svelte boys brimming with hope, promise and immature cruelty, carried away by their own cleverness. ;)

No prizes for guessing what music I was listening to while drawing.
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Gryffgirl's avatar
Best Marauders meme ever! I lol'ed so hard! I especially love your roller-skating Prongs and the Dylan-esque tribute at the end! :D
hillsecret's avatar
This made me smile!

I especially loved James wearing the roller skates.
TomScribble's avatar
thanks! I think he got them because I couldn't draw proper hooves..
LOVE THE BOBBY D REFERENCE. That song is my ringtone. I get a lot of GREAT looks....
But I would not feel so all alone.... EVERYBODY MUST GET STONED!
TomScribble's avatar
hee, nice ringtone!!!
Sleeping7Beast's avatar
#3, #4 and #7 are my favorite! I also like the opening picture, poor Prongs is only a little skeleton!
TomScribble's avatar
daw, thanks! They should ALL be skeletons now :(
Cap-a-Pie's avatar
lol I have the same James concept as you! (I draw him w/ square glasses:XD:) Love the song:D
TomScribble's avatar
awesome! Well there must be SOME way to distinguish him from Harry...
UnseenLibrarian-ook's avatar
Wormy puking everywhere - HAHAHAHAHA!
Wiggum42's avatar
I HAVE NO WORDS. YOU ARE GOD. And the Marauders are my favorite characters too! :D
TomScribble's avatar
ah, glad you like this then! thanks!

(but I deny godhood)
MaryannDarkandCie's avatar
XD totally like it. James without his ego, so good. I like Snape, too, and... Remus thinking nobody see him... XD
frizzy-feline's avatar
BRILLIANT!!!!! i love every panel. :] hilarious! i totally gotta do this now
TomScribble's avatar
yay! thanks a lot, glad you liked it.
frizzy-feline's avatar
haha, thanks! i totally encourage you to do it - twas oodles of fun :nod:
JoeMerl's avatar
I like the idea of Fred and George pranking them. :XD:
TomScribble's avatar
Sure! Who else could prank them? (Certainly not me....)

Maran-Zelde's avatar
:rofl: I love Remus looking at the two half moons, James without his ego, Remus on chocolate high...200 points to Gryffindor!
TomScribble's avatar
thanks so much! Aw Remus, I love him too.
Liffe's avatar
I love everything about this, especially James without his ego.
And the characters design is also great. Gah – your whole gallery is great!
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