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"The Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix may be found at number twelve, Grimmauld Place, London."

from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling.

This is a piece of Edinburgh fan-art as much as Harry Potter fan art! Sometimes in Edinburgh's 18th Century New Town (which, I may add, is dead posh and never looks as grimy as I made Grimmauld Place) some Victorian owner decided they wanted their house to be a Neo-Gothic castle. Rather hard in a row of house, no matter how palatial these Georgian town houses are. The result is completely funny. The first time I walked down Albany Street I burst out laughing at the sight of number 58 (you can see it on Google streetview).

It occurred to be that this is something the Blacks might have done with their house. Since the house is invisible to Muggles and probably most wizards too, I imagine they would have felt free to go out of their way to make it special, imposing and utterly OTT.

pen & ink, then photoshoppery.
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This is amazing! WOw!
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Blimey! this is brilliant!
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Oh my gosh! This made me laugh! I was staring at it, like 'Hmm. street. Nice. Which one is meant to be number 12? and then it appeared in all it's awesomeness! Perfect. Just perfect.
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I am in love with this gif! Fantastic work! :)
I completely love this. The concept, the artwork, the animation, it's utterly perfect!
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thanks so much!
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love these gif.s! great work!!
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Oh man! I was just sitting here thinking "well those are pretty buildings! I like this picture!" and then bam! MAGIC HOUSE! Love it. This is wonderful. :)
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hee, thanks! glad you were surprised!
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This is so cool. :heart:
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This is such a great idea! The animation's really good too - totally surprised me as I was staring at the grubby realism of the street! It's the sort of thing I'll never not be able to associate with 12 Grimmauld Place when I read it - just a really simple, clever little idea.
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thank you! glad you like it.
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Oh, my! I just made a little noise of joy when I saw this! It's fantastic :D
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This is just amazing.
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I love ideaaa!
fantastic work!
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