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A Walking Tree

I started this completely random, unplanned sketch during a flight - a scene from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by JK Rowling; before Christmas, the kids meet Hagrid carrying a tree to the Great Hall, he's referred to as looking like a walking tree or tree with legs or something... Anyway, I think I need more Trio-art, considering they're the protagonists, and I believe this is the first picture of Hagrid I've uploaded!

Sorry for the quality of the sketch - the stupid pine tree reminded me AGAIN that I ought to go out and do a bit of life-drawing and observation again, not just make things up slumped over my desk. And I did some serious background-cleaning with Photoshop...
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Like Jim Kay, you should do an Illustrated edition of the "Harry Potter" books.

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Oh wow. Love every detail about this. Do you have out some works in books?
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I really really love your Hagrid! There is something from the movies in him, but, nonetheless, he is still different! I like it!!
I love this !! :D Heart 
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I love your style!
tartan-tardis's avatar
this just perfect! I love it!
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This is amazing!! Your work has been featured here: [link]
Feliz Navidad!
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Haha, I remember laughing at that part! :D
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thanks, it's cute.
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oh God, I need to say that I love your HP drawings so much! They are just magical:) ^___^
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Lovely scene. The trio is so small, while the Hagrid - tree combo so big :P
TomScribble's avatar
thanks! well, I suppose they look smaller/bigger than they really are because they are next to each other...
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Beautiful and full of atmosphere. The tree is gorgeous!
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Thank you! I'm glad you approve of the tree.
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i like this soooo much
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Thanks! And thanks for all the favs!
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Wow, you really captured the spirit of the books!
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Hahahaha! Nice!
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great as always - I especially love Hermione's hair ... and Hagrid the walking tree, of course! :)
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