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OppidumBeyond Demo

Thought I would upload a layered PSD for those interested. It contains the steps from beginning to end, though I've combined a few layers and reduced the resolution by 2/3rds in order to keep file size reasonable. Click download in the top right or click here: [link]

Please let me know what you think !
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Thank you very much for sharing your process ! 
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After watching the process gifs on your site I'm really excited to play with your approach. I love your compositions
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This image can be drawn for half an hour in a single layer. I feel sorry for people who choose a method of layered paint with copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/paste, mask, mask, copy/paste, etc.
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He's a concept artist you douche.
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You might be less bitter with an open mind :) Maybe you should explore more, enjoy art and complain less about random things on the internet that bother you.
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hahaha holy shit burn
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I love your handle of strokes, textures and atmosphere so much! This was awesome to look through, very helpful and inspiring. Thanks SO much for sharing this! 
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You're amazing!
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Thank you so much!!!
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Thank you!!!!
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This was awesome! i would like to see a speed painting video urs!
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thanks 4 sharing u r a boss !
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it's always nice to see something like that but if you can make timelapse and post it on youtube, it would be even more awesome
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Thanks so much for sharing this Tom. Really fantastic stuff as always!! It would be much appreciated if you could elaborate a little on the 'compositional balance' stage of the image. What sort of checks are you making and what is your mental process. Thanks again sir! :highfive:
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Love your work. For some time I thought it was more about imposing textures over 3D spaces, but it is really PS based: amazing!
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I have a hard time working with 3D and usually try and cover it up immediately if I have to use it for production work. I don't really ever use it for personal pieces :)
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thanks for sharing man this is great
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thank you very much your drawings are very inspiring :clap:
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Thanks ! My pleasure !
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