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Free Process Video of Oppidum Returns


I’m back to work on the Oppidum Prototype and wanted to share my process for sketching the game’s environments. It’s extremely modular by design in order to save both pre-production and production budgets.

The video is available to the public for free, all I ask is that if you have a question you leave it with a timecode in the comments on Youtube. Keep an eye out in the near future for a low-cost final product with audio commentary, video callouts and your questions answered.


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This is great, I'm curious about two things though:

You don't sketch at all in the video, how much of a clear idea do you have before you start to do things in photoshop?

And you detour things a lot... Your assets seem to have clean alphas. Are you refining the silhouette of the things you insert in your paintings?
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You're very good at combining your pieces into a unique looking environment using limited materials. :D That's skill right there.
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Thanks very much ! It's a instinct that has been with me for a very long time but is also one that all people possess. We all have taste, why not use it as vehicle during the creative process?
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your process is clear and clever, and really inspiring - thanks for sharing!
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Thank you for the kind words and encouragement! Please let me know if you have any questions :)
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I saw this on your site and I'm still kinda Wow'd at how unique the set up for your art is. Like photo-bashing with your own art assets! Seriously cool technique! I'll definitely buy that " low-cost final product with audio commentary" video you make. Keep on being awesome!
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Yes very similar in method to photo-collage or photo-bashing! I definitely prefer having greater control over the subject and technique however!
Hahah, is "low-cost final product with audio commentary" and awkward phrase? Seems like a lot of people have responded with the full deal :) hehehe.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions :)
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Every artist that photobashes does that though....:| And its not unique it's very common in 'asset building'. I'm only letting you know so you know that you can find more vids and work done in this process, not to bash on your comment.
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Is it common? It's pretty interesting regardless. Naw, I'm pretty dumb, Don't worry about bashing on my ignorance, its what I live for!
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(Was expecting an insult o.O) :: Yeah it really is interesting but if you try to look up some 2d game art development vids you'll find a lot of workflows like this, don't be afraid to click the ones that list other drawing softwares like Illustrator, etc. None the less though, this piece is badass.
If you want to be more technical on what this technique is called though, it's called Collaging. (Dunno if I spelled it right but as long as it sounds like Col- loge- ing to you, its fine). So if looking up the 2d asset/game dev vids don't help you find enough then look up digital collaging or whatever. Peace. lml
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(I mean it is Deviantart, an insult is what you would expect.. kinda why I don't do much besides keep up with some artists here.)

Collaging huh, I always figured that was just an arts n crafts kinda thing a mother might do for a scrapbook haha. Didn't know that was a term for 2D game art development, Seems like a pretty interesting thing to learn about. I'll definitely look some of that up! I practically know nothing about game making itself and There's just no reason to get mad when someone is just trying to say "hey, other people do this too.. check it out." . So peace to you as well man!
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You're a cool bro. *Peace sign and out*
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Loving the dialog here <3

Collage is a great word for it, a bit more deliberate in tone than bashing but it comes with the cost, as mentioned in your dialog - of being confused with glue sticks and scrap paper unfortunately. Modules and modular seem more appropriate when working digitally I feel and indeed I would say all videogames are highly modular and have always been so. In any case the root of what we're talking about, synthesis of any two or more objects, pre-dates mankind :) 

One of my favorite examples however are the sets in Alien, which as I understand it were collaged, combined, kitbashed, assembled - from the misc. parts of an aircraft junkyard.
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Pre-fabbed, chacha sliding, space jammin', etc
That's interesting info there, thanks. 
Isn't working in that modular workflow more boring than drawing it? And if so, what are the benefits of it as opposed to just gathering reference or painting on top of a few base images?
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