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Last year, I embarked on a project to improve my photography skills.

I simply wanted to understand the camera a little better, so I could take better photo's so I enrolled onto a photography course to enrich myself.

Over the course of 6 months, I learned lots of practical examples of art photography and methods on how I could apply myself, I'm very satisfied with my resulting work and at the end of the course (City & Guilds Award In Photography Level 1) all students celebrated and presented "The Eleventh Hour Exhibition" a photography exhibition and a celebration of the projects and achievements as our qualifications were achieved.  I am delighted to have attained the grade of distinction for my work.

The artist's work on display contained a diverse range of photographic genres including portrait, self portrait, street, documentary, still life, conceptual, art photography and landscape. The artists also used a wide variety of techniques both in camera and through digital manipulation to produce the work.

Our teacher, Zoe Van-De-Velde had said "There was no intention to just teach students how to use their camera and to ask them to take the standard shots. Their work should, though their creative process be a reflection of them. By this method the students could, over the time of the course become themselves though their images and ultimately forget their tutor's existence."

I discovered throughout the process that I inject my own emotions and feelings into photography and people have said I'm a conceptual photographer.  I'd rather spend days thinking about what to photograph, then click in an instant, the moment is preserved forever.  I'm also deeply critical of my own work and often will refuse to publish photographs for fear of rejection or ridicule.  This is something which needs to be addressed because every photo has it's own story.  Despite the eventual negative connotations of some of my previous projects and the frustrations I've felt with areas beyond my comfort zone I'm very proud of the achievements I've made, the photographs I have taken and the messages I've explored with them.  I have done what I never intended and found pleasure in carefully sculpting an idea into a staged photograph, or created a message from a set of photographs.  I initially just wanted to learn how to use my camera to make better photos.  I've discovered art photography though the process and I desire to contribute.  I firmly believe that that with more understanding, more reading, more training and more practice I will unlock more potential and have even more fun with it.

And that's why, commencing from 7th November 2013 - new projects will commence as I've enrolled in the next, progressive course and this profile, on DeviantART shall be the location of my projects.

I look forward to sharing with you,

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