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Hello folks,

Finally I have got myself to buy Windows 7 so I will try to keep skinning as I have ever loved that however....

As you might have known I became a father as our first born came among us 1.5 months ago.
It was a pleasant and nice time but we didn´t know we would be obliged to move on. The kid was just a few days in when our hirer quitted a contract with us and we needed to start finding a new living. A terrible time indeed. Especially by money. At last we overcome it finding a little cose flat near by.

I was using Ubuntu for some time but even more I came to realize I did miss skinning. Due to family difficulties I was concentrating just on those problems but the heart was crying to skin again.

By a chance I got myself to speak to guys at Slovakian Dell who gave me Windows 7 Professional for a very low price. BIG THANKS TO THEM.

HOWEVER I don´t have money enough to buy Blinds and Sk studio at all. I know it is just a few bucks but neither them I have now.

I am now asking guys at Stardock if they can make some donation to me so let´s wait what they are about to come with but I would guess they will say no, because this way everybody could ask them.

I know no money no fun is in place, but asking is the only way  to do what I love besides I have ever done for free and a lot of folks can enjoy.

That is not easy at all to be open about that, but I guess I have no choice especially
when a mother is with the kid and the promotion I was promised to get was just a blind promise never to fulfil.

Do not blame me for it. Just trying all I can to be back.

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Dude I just read this.

I'm sorry to hear that you're going trhough rough times.

Things will get better, Tom. Never lose hope and keep your head high. Good things will happen eventually (hopefully sooner than later).

Lots of good vibes to you and your family.
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Things will get better, Meji but not so fast, right now I am happy to have a connection again to talk with ya and the others and then let´s see if an angel I have found can help me. BTW thanks for the comment, my friend :D
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Hey, slow down! Now you have a conection, which is a step forward. There's a lot more to come, just be patient, my friend :D
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I hope it all works out Tom....
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Daren, hoping for the same but it obviously needs a time :D
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You seem to have a lot of bad luck at the moment.
Sometimes life sucks.
If I can help in any way send me a note. :)
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Sent you an email
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Karen I have just replied since I got my friend to set me an internet connection over here today. Thanks for anything you are stating inside your mail.
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Sent you a new email:)
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Thank you I appreciate that
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Hey Tom, just going out for the day, but I will be able to help you out when I get back tonite.
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Sorry to know that you're unhired now Tom:(. Really want to help you indeed, but since i'm dependent to my parents, and i myself don't have a job yet, all i could do is hoping you will get hired really soon my man :). Best wishes to you and yours
(I'm really sorry i can not help you Tom, really... :()
Your friend
(Sorry for any English mistakes i made)
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Nope, I am hired, bro but they didn´t do what they promised to me and that made me a life not easier :D Anyway thanks for the comment :D
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Ahaha, you're finally back brother :party:. I hope things will get better really soon :)(At least now you have an Internet connection avaiable:p)
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