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Smuggler's Cave

A little bit under 4 hours. :)
I appreciate every comment and favourite you leave.

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I want to be there!!! :)
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Well I do say caves to make pretty nice hiding spots when it comes to criminal activities.
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This lovely painting has been featured here. :heart: 
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This is amazing! I just can't stop looking at it. La la la la I must pop in here more often!
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Wow, Keep on the good work ! :onfire: 
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love your art <3
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Thanks for the badge
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this is wonderful!
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it is so detailed! only 4 hours. Great job!
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Ohh, creepy and amazing. Here I have no words!
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The artwork is amazing! "Smuggler's cave" kind of sounds like the name of a cave from Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Looks like you'd find WAY more treasure in this cave though.
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Thank you Jarrel! I played Oblivion very much some years ago. Maybe the name of this cave was still somewhere in my head :D
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Sehr schönes Bild! Es sieht fast aud wie ein Foto!
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You've got a vast imagination. Very cool!
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it was just so awesome I couldn't help but to comment. :) you're welcome.
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amazing. just amazing.
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