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Pharao's Grave

Deep in the desert is the grave of an ancient egyptian king. To his honour two pyramids were built. One having stairs inside to get into the huge underground hall where his coffin is placed. The other pyramid has a hole on the top which illuminates the coffin. His grave was protected for hundreds of years and nobody except the holy defenders saw the grave and all its treasures.

I hope you like it. I will read every comment and appreciate every favourite. :) (Smile)
And please tell me your stories! I want to read what you imagine!!!

Process of this painting with my thoughts! --> Click Here

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Oh hey the files missing to download

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Beautiful Perspective.
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Great work !
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Nice perspective shot!
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The perspective is awesome!
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Love the way you painted the water!
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Interesting. Somewhat similar to the 'tomb of Osiris' (Campbell's Tomb) in Giza, which I imagine may have been an inspiration. 
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Fine observation! Anyway, Osiride tombs are usually like this, symbolizing the waters of the sea existed before the Creation, and the Primeval Mould that has risen first as the first soil… As Seth cut Osiris to many (42?) pieces to make it impossible to resurrect him, he had many tombs all over the Two Countries but very few has remained. The Osireion at Abydos is one of them, with similar arrangement. That is a magical place and a real treat for the Egypt-fan like me ;)
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A tomb under water.
The perspective is amazing!
Well done!
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Love the perspective! is really good!
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I am sure the grave is a sacred place. There are canals connecting it to sacred lake, so the burial grounds always remain cleansed. It is also protected by two deities. During the day, when the Sun is high and the desert burns, the vengeful goddess Sekhmet will seek out any intruders to slice their throats and drink their blood. And during the night, when the Moon illuminates the tomb, the watchful goddess Bast will send her predators to attack the raiders from the dark.
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What an amazing concept!
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I thought this was Pharros' grave
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Great artwork, reminds me of Tomb Raider since I'm a big fan of Lara Croft... Brought me back to my childhood. Love the mix of cool and warm tones, beautifully balanced...
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The sense of depth and the colours make this so beautiful
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Time to go on a grand adventure! *Indiana Jones music begins playing* xD
Truly, they were like gods.:D (Big Grin) 
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I'm getting Tomb Raider vibes! Lovely work, capturing a tomb lost in time. Very aesthetically pleasing Clap 
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