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Downtown (Mirrors Edge Inspired)

Here is the artwork I worked on for the last few weeks. I was really excited for the new Mirrors Edge so I tried to go for a similar look on this. This time I won't add a story to it but if you want to leave one I will be happy to read it. Have a good week everyone!

Process of this painting with my thoughts! --> Click Here

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Now if Mirror's edge had an equal dosage of greenery. I saw a picture of what a futuristic city would look like if it wasn't 100% white, but rather 50% that and 50% green; a futuristic eco friendly city.
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So real you feel could jump right in. Amazing.
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I just downloaded Mirror's Edge for free thanks to Xbox LIVE.
This looks fantastic!
spacecookiejr's avatar
Different from usual but awesome as always. x)
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Not bad.
Hey, I saw you gave me a Llama badge. I'm still kinda new to DeviantArt, so I don't know what that means.
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Wow, it really DOES look like an official art from Mirror's Edge. I just love the balance between simplicity of the form and the details.
I was also browsing through your gallery in general and I need to say: your skills are amazing! I really like your style and I'm so happy to find you here.
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Thank you Elisyans! Glad you like my artworks :)
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Thank you ScoopyMarionette!
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pretty much looks better than the game
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Thanks Artributor!
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Thank you Evildeathcake :)
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You are very welcome :)
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If I'm going to point out each of these details, I would say this is incredibly amazing! :D
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Thank you MoonyMina :)
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Beautiful job! I can totally see this being a level in Mirror's Edge :clap:
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Thank you wondermanrules!
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