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Daily Deviation
March 5, 2016
Cherry Blossom by TomPrante
Featured by JunkbyJen
Suggested by SAVALISTE
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Cherry Blossom

EDIT: I can't believe this is a Daily Deviation now.. This was my dream for such a long time. Thank you for everone who supported me!

A cherry tree on a small island. Please tell me your story of this painting in the comments! I love to read them!

I hope you like it. I will read every comment and appreciate every favourite. :) (Smile)

Want to see the process? Click Here

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Hello, this is a beautiful and breathtaking piece of art. We are doing a charity event and I would like to include it as background with your name attribution of course and add some animations as overlays. Would you give us your permission for that? If so we would be extremely grateful!

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Love your artwork! You're very good at depticting simply enticing 'places'!! Wish I could travel to the various lands you've chosen, thus far, to create.

Very beautiful

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Hello! I wanted to ask you if i could use this stunning piece of work as a banner for a roleplay group on Animal Jam Clans Wiki? I would give you credit, of course.
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this is amazing
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I just found out you made this original painting, which I previously found offsite.

I adore it!

This is what I made and have of course given you credit well deserved.

Honahlee by OliverInk  
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Hi, I just thought you ought to know that your work has been used without credit here Honahlee by OliverInk
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+fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav 
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Beautifully done
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I see a cherry tree on an island just barely big enough to hold it.  The much larger trees in the background do not appear to be cherry trees.  There are steps leading up to the cherry tree, and those steps appear to be manmade.

Those three circumstances together give me the sense of a tree that was planted on a special site as some sort of memorial.

The shafts of light give almost a cathedral sense.

I really like the use of muted background space in this work.
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Love panorama *.*
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Beautiful! Well done!
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Hey, I was wondering if you would allow me to use this as an album artwork (none released) for a university project I am doing? Its a lot like what Ive ben looking for. I would credit you of course, if not I understand! :)
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Hey, you can use it as long as you credit. :)
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Thanks, but I decided not to use this one, there was another that fit in with the project a little better :)
This is where I go when I meditate.  <3
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So peaceful! <3 <3 <3
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So breathtaking, seriously you deserved the DD! (Here's hoping you get more in the future, your work is absolutely stunning.) 
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wow! so dreamlike yet looking real!
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