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tearing by tomozirika tearing :icontomozirika:tomozirika 0 0 the poor life with kitty by tomozirika the poor life with kitty :icontomozirika:tomozirika 0 0 PNJ Half life2 by tomozirika PNJ Half life2 :icontomozirika:tomozirika 1 2 Sai-kun by tomozirika Sai-kun :icontomozirika:tomozirika 0 0 A horse by tomozirika A horse :icontomozirika:tomozirika 1 0 uh, horse... by tomozirika uh, horse... :icontomozirika:tomozirika 1 0 Gaara-sama again. by tomozirika Gaara-sama again. :icontomozirika:tomozirika 0 0 fantasy? by tomozirika fantasy? :icontomozirika:tomozirika 0 0 Gaara... by tomozirika Gaara... :icontomozirika:tomozirika 0 0
Last moments before death
who am i, to burn my heart?
hurted and hatered,sceared and feared.
that scar opens,enters doom.Drops blood.
Why my heart,hopeless,darken in dreams.
lived in nightmares,murdred in missed day.
wide eyes tired of tears,wild souls cryed to pray.
take knife cut my deep life,take fire to sufer of fear.
how deer this life to exit,but it must go,i'm so disciver of it.
that heart live last moments of night falls.i start to die now.
that heart is leaving life tonight,living in death at night.
:icontomozirika:tomozirika 0 0
My desktop by tomozirika My desktop :icontomozirika:tomozirika 0 2
Black cloud as scars.
Dark loud as stars.
Have you stalk the slayer.
Lost the last night.
Where's the light?
Anyway you're not right.
If you wanna be free
I'm freezing,you're bleeding to leave.
If you wanna cry.
I'm cuting, you 're broken.
Bleeding for life.
Dieing for smile.
Hiddes darkness slys hurts, cause life can cry to pray.
Hiddes brokness cuts hearts, cause soul can try to die.
These tears of fear love freak for freedom.
These tears of scear scream for wesdom.
Last life lost in dark.
Sufring eyes so tired of tears.
That life surprise me,how unforgiven, it is.
:icontomozirika:tomozirika 0 1
Today we die
living in wood.
crying soul.
well how i will be waiting now.
in my heart a hate hurt.
well how i will be calling death.
a freedom stralling sorrow.
a dark child bleeding again.
well how i will be killed far away far then time.
last word said you a dead world died today.
flying soul escaping from the haven far then hell
tonight is the end of days.
tonight is the end of smiles.
tonight is the end of life.
i am visiting the death today.
i am leaving the life today.
:icontomozirika:tomozirika 0 1
Loving soul to the end
what have you done to me?
a black cloud of darkness as sentiments darken.
once you enjoyed innocence,
glad-hearted and wide-eyed,
but your love drifted away.
a hateful cloud of pain tears
follow love, follow hate,
love taken away.
in a rush of hate,
will you still never exist, forever?
but me, i still love you, forever Gaara
         to the end of death.
:icontomozirika:tomozirika 0 0
this is why my sadness
Crying of loneliness.
Praying for desire.
Living in doom.
My life cover of sadness.
My life cover of darkness.
Wish never realised.
Dream never realised.
In my soul a sorrow, i can't live with it.
In my heart a hate, i can't stay with it.
My soul, my life is tortured, i should leave it.
But all these, is because someone i miss it.
:icontomozirika:tomozirika 0 1
Broken heart
Lives in the darkness killing the doom sadness.
A black free horse runs in the darkend forest green, escaping from the doom.
A white pain wolf as soul crys of cruelity.
A scary sorrow deer vents his loneliness.
What should i do?
i'm scary i'm helpless i'm living in sadness.
These animals'll leave me,
i'm lonely i'm coldy.
That brok my heart forever broken.
:icontomozirika:tomozirika 1 0


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Favourite style of art: manga
i create a new account in D.a and i begin everything from 0 .
i'll add new arts soon! ;P
the new account: :iconsilktear:  (empty)


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