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Magnapaulia laticaudus



So "Lambeosaurus" laticaudus finally got itself a genus name.
My first try at using the shading style I'd been using for my Digimon stuff on a paleo-pic. I think it's given mixed results. It looks okay, but gets kind of muddled in the "noisy" bits.

Prieto-Márquez, Chiappe & Joshi, "The Lambeosaurine Dinosaur Magnapaulia laticaudus from the Late Cretaceous of Baja California, Northwestern Mexico"
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Cool! Personally I'm digging all the detail. Maybe if you blended some of it or used a darker shade of the underlying color it wouldn't seem so noisy?

One off think I'm noticing is that this species used to be depicted with a Lambeosaurus-style crest for obvious reasons, but now that it's in it's own genus, everybody (including the paper) use a Corythosaurus crest... but wouldn't a Velafrons-like crest be more likely, given that they're sister taxa? Or is there a reason to think corythosaur-style crests were the ancestral condition?