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Jurassic Park 2016 - Velociraptor



This is the first in a series of images depicting the extinct animals from Jurassic Park as we know them to look today. First up is the "Velociraptor".

No, the Jurassic Park Velociraptor are not Achillobator
Despite what you may see thrown around on the internet, this is definitely not the case. It is a nice in-universe fan theory to explain the Velociraptor in Crichton's novel, and it is fun to think that he had some inclination of an animal that had just been pulled from the earth while the book was being written, it is just not true.

Crichton gives dedication to Bakker, Horner, Paul and Ostrom in his linear notes on Jurassic, and is known to have referenced Paul's Predatory Dinosaurs of the World extensively, including it's nomenclature. Though I don't know the original source for this, he is apparently on record saying the size of his animals was based on a very large morph of Velociraptor mentioned by Paul in PDOTW. This reference is in the book... as a specimen from the Clovery listed under V. antirrhopus aka. Deinonychus. Interviews with Ostrom also state that Crichton referenced his work on this animal heavily when writing the book, and even called him to apologise for going with Paul's nomenclature and using a different name. Ostrom also states Speilberg's production company asked for all his research on Deinonychus when designing the raptors for the film. The issue is done and dusted, in both versions the animal is Deinonychus.

The reason intense fans have a problem with this is because in the book Crichton writes that the animals are V. mongoliensis and the DNA was found in China. Because admirably passionate fans don't want Crichton or the in-universe animals to be wrong, the Achillobator theory was formed. However, as stated above, the size was apparently (if anyone has the original source for this, let me know) based on Paul's giant V. antirrhopus and the species issue likely arises simply from Crichton not quite grasping the concept of genus and species and figuring that the max size of the genus is also the max size for all individual species instead of just one.

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