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Common errors for Velociraptor



I hate this image. It's old, it's terrible, there are huge problems with it. It's still here because of it's intense populatity and that it was the thing that shot me to "fame" in the palaeoartistic community. For an up-to-date and far superior version of the same idea see Chris Masna's Velociraptor infographic:…

Too many people have misinterpreted this image for me not to throw this in. The "real" Velociraptor here is not supposed to be the be-all and end-all of how to feather the animal. Of course there is going to be variation you twats, Velociraptor and it's close relatives are not the same animal (see my post on the opposite end of feather coverage here:…. The point of the "real" diagram is to direct attention to phylogenetic bracketing as I assume that those drawing half-arse and greyhound deinonychosaurus don't understand it or don't know of it at all (as is evidenced in a lot of comments).

Yes, the comments are disabled. You can thank all the keyboard warriors commenting in contempt while at the same time having no idea what they are talking about for this loss of privilege for everyone.
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This is an excellent (and clearly necessry) guide, especially when scaly headed, bunny-handed deinonychosaurs still constantly show up in the mass media. However, a small point: it seems that the feathered crests may be a taphonomic artefact. You can produce similar crests in pigeons, which clearly have no such thing in life.
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