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I am a 27 year-old Zoology & Computer Science graduate student interested in the public outreach of zoology, conservation & vertebrate palaeontology. Palaeoillustrator. Indie game developer for Saurian. Also a devotee of heavy metal and Australian rules football.

Favourite Visual Artist
Frederik Spindler, Jason Brougham, Ville Sinkkonen, Emiliano Troco
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Alien/s, Jurassic Park, Gojira
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Lost, Scrubs, Breaking Bad
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Thrice, Silverchair, Grinspoon
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A Song of Ice and Fire series, Jurassic Park, The Lost World
Favourite Writers
George R.R. Martin, Matthew Reilly, Michael Crichton
Favourite Games
Age of Empires II, Far Cry 3
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Tools of the Trade
Graphite pencils, Wacom tablet, Photoshop Elements 10, Unity3D
Other Interests
Zoology, palaeontology, evolutionary biology, ecology, music, sport

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In the Cretaceous period, which groups of dinosaurs adapted to eat angiosperms, and which groups stuck to ferns, conifers and ginkgoes?


Phantom's Creator Offers;

"Scientists Got a LOT of things wrong about a number of deep time prehistoric animals. Especially, Dinosaurs! A

Asidefrom refusing to acknowledge solid evidence from the arm bones of Velociraptor mongoliensis "Velmongs" (Data known Since, like, 1978) indicating the presence of anchored feathers on the species, everybody's Got the Sickle Claws wrong! They're NOT used for hunting! They're for scent marking, self defense, territorial fights with rivals, and, well, They're, incredibly Handy for scratching Itchy Ears *Not to mention, Shredding Carpets, Drapes, and Sofas* 🤪💖 Why else do you think The "Toothy Terror Turkeys" are often called "Tiger-Hawks"?!


If Feathered Dinosaurs aren't scary Then WHY Do Humans Run Away From Angry Geese?!🤪🤣😻 Like, Dudes! Let's Get Real Here; ANY Hungry Carnivorous Animal The Size Of T-Rex (Fluffy Or Not) Coming After, YOU, Would Be Seriously, SCARY, Beyond All Reason! 🙀😱🦖💖😻

Are you going to update the jurassic park terror website with the dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals that appeared in the Lockwood manor , comics, games , novels , cut and toys such as skeletons, taxidermied statues and paintings like the concavenator, mononykus, dracorex, dreadnoughtus , kosmoceratops, tarbosaurus, teratophoneus, agujaceratops, edmontosaurus, herrarasaurus, troodon, smilodon, meganeura, stegoceratops, deinosuchus, geosternbergia, alamosaurus, metriacanthosaurus, proceratosaurus, tylosaurus, protoceratops, peloroplites, plesiosaurus, ichthyosaurus , mixosaurus, opthalmosaurus, shastasaurus, shonisaurus, pycnonemosaurus, quilmesaurus, viavenator, torosaurus, rugops, majungasaurus, therizinosaurus, segisaurus, dryosaurus, euoplocephalus, hadrosarus, hoplitosaurus, maiasaura, mamenchisaurus, alioramus, scaphognathus, scutosaurus, estemmenosuchus, ornithosuchus, chasmosaurus, indominus rex, indoraptor, spinoraptor, ankylodocus, nigersaurus, ouranosaurus, acrocanthosaurus, lycaenops

The first of my art project that is titled jurassic the next generation which is the tyrannosaurus rex is complete and posted on deviantart and you are credited for the reference material dude

Right now I'm currently working on an art project that is basically balancing out the design of the dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals of the jurassic park / world franchise with the current scientific evidence and I was wondering if I could use your paleoartwork as reference material I promise that I'll credit you for it please