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How would you classify it, Billy?

Delta Runner

The Real Dinosaurs of Jurassic World

The Real Prehistoric Animals of Jurassic Park III

The Real Mesozoic Animals of The Lost World

The Real Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park

Coyote Tyrant

Morrison cycadeoids

Skull Island Colossal Tortoise


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Dinosaur Fauna of the Wonthaggi Formation

Jurassic Park 2016 - Velociraptor

Skull Island Critters

Microraptor zhaoianus

Three horns

Acheroraptor temertyorum


Mountain Runner

Coelophysis bauri


Jurassic Park for MONDO

Digimon: Agumon

Toarcian age in Holzmaden


DigitalCup RoundOne :: Flash :

DigitalCup RoundOne :: Flash :


Peaceful coexistence

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I am a 27 year-old Zoology & Computer Science graduate student interested in the public outreach of zoology, conservation & vertebrate palaeontology. Palaeoillustrator. Indie game developer for Saurian. Also a devotee of heavy metal and Australian rules football.

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Zoology, palaeontology, evolutionary biology, ecology, music, sport

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Right now I'm currently working on an art project that is basically balancing out the design of the dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals of the jurassic park / world franchise with the current scientific evidence and I was wondering if I could use your paleoartwork as reference material I promise that I'll credit you for it please

TomozaurusStudent General Artist

Yeah go for it

Right now I’m little over halfway done with the Tyrannosaurus rex and I also read that you like the world of Kong a natural history of skull island book

And by the way are you going to update your jurassic park / world section by including one that appeared as skeletons like alamosaurus, mentioned ones like archaeornithomimus, ones that have their carcass seen like teratophoneus, ones that are used in the indominus rex genetic composition like viavenator, onesfrom the gameslike evolution and operation genesis, comic books ,toys , and finally the hybrids

InmyarmsinmyarmsStudent Writer
Hey man, how you doin'?