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This is Princess Ophelia, a dark transformation of an alternate universe version of my OC Sagi where another OC Caras, at a key juncture in their story, dies in an incident that he originally survived in. As a warning, this description will go into spoilers for my fanfic Princess Tutu: Chapter of the Bird, so stop here if you're concerned about that.

When Prince Mytho has Caras at his mercy and has the choice whether to kill or spare him, if he kills him instead by shattering his heart into irreparable pieces, the grief makes a big crack in Sagi's heart (who is present st the event). The shattered dust of the deceased Caras's heart, attracted to the pain and the gaping hole in Sagi's heart, is drawn to it and settles there. While Princess Tutu is present and has the power to remove foreign heart shards, this dust is no longer able to be grasped, and so it is stuck in Sagi's heart. This dust creates in Sagi a new transformation much like Princess Kraehe in the source series -- a dark raven princess with the capacity to take away the metaphysical hearts of humans.

The design has a number of elements from her Princess Ardea design, such as the long romantic tutu, the layered dress, and the long puffed sleeves. One new element is the black veil, which is supposed to refer to the veil of a mourner, as well as the veils of the Wili Maidens of Giselle. Her hair is similar to Ardea, but her eyes are red, as those who harbor Raven's shards in them have red eyes when they are activated. She still has the red eyes even when she is not transformed, however.

The difference between Ophelia and Sagi is a bit like between Kraehe and Rue in the first season -- at first she doesn't remember becoming Ophelia, and Sagi wouldn't agree with what Ophelia is doing, but there are times she doesn't remember that she concludes that it's better for suffering people to not have their hearts when Drosselmeyer talks to her and convinces her of that so he can have a villain.
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